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How do Fish Mate - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
How do Fish Mate  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Similar to other creatures on Earth, fish mate in order to breed.
To find out how fish mate, here is a PetPonder article that provides you with clear and accurate information.
To protect life on Earth, all living things on earth must breed.
So, why is there any difference in our aquarium fish?
Although different from other fish, fish breed differently.
How do fish mate?
Basically, fish use two major breeding strategies.
One is a raw egg and the other is a baby. bearing).
In the first method, the female fish either spawn at the bottom of the aquarium or (if there are plants) on the plant leaves inside the fish tank.
The fish will fertilize the eggs.
The male and female fish work together to protect the eggs/babies from all hazards until they are able to protect themselves.
For the second method, fish in the aquarium mate through live production.
Only some fish breed in this way.
In order to transfer sperm to the mother fish, the male fish uses its anal fin.
In this way, the eggs of the female fish will be fertilized and then her Fry (a young fish) will be born ).
Now that you have some knowledge of how fish mate, let's see how goldfish mate with betta (Siam fish.
Usually, Male Betta will mature in sex.
Five months after they were born.
Some male Betta fish begin to form bubble nests in aquariums, a clear sign that they are ready to mate.
The female betta uses these bubble nests to store eggs.
To prepare for the mating process, the female will begin to obtain vertical bar marks on both sides of the body.
Once the betta are sexually mature and ready to mate, then just put them together.
Since they attack each other, it is not recommended to put them in the same tank before mating.
When a man first discovers a woman, he becomes aggressive with her (an act of showing his strengths ).
This is normal, but make sure that none of this squid is hurt.
When the female betta is ready to spawn, she will spend some time near the bubble nest.
During this time, the Male Betta will turn around her and try to wrap his body around her.
It may take some time for the Male Betta to decide the best way to spawn the female betta;
This is normal.
Finally, the Male Betta will find a way to wrap her body on her body.
After finding the right place to spawn, they hug each other, which can last for a few seconds.
At the end of breeding, they may sink to the bottom of the tank (when hugging ).
After releasing the female betta, The Male Betta will start collecting her eggs.
He will fertilize the eggs and put them into a foam nest that is usually at the top of the tank.
Also, the Male Betta must protect the eggs in the bubble nest until they hatch because the female Betta may want to eat them (if there is a chance ).
Before we know how goldfish mate, we need to focus on their sexual maturity.
Usually, goldfish are sexually mature 9 months after birth.
If you have male and female goldfish in your fish tank, you will see the male trying to chase the female and hit them.
In addition, males produce white bumps (reproductive nodules) on their fins, a clear sign that they are ready to mate.
Women will start to get bigger, only around her anal fins, a clear sign that there are eggs present.
Water temperature is critical in goldfish breeding (mating process.
It is recommended that the water temperature be around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
The female goldfish will spawn because the male goldfish will approach behind her and fertilize them.
After their role is completed, it is important to remove both parents from the tank and put them in another tank.
In this way, eggs can hatch without being eaten by them.
In the process, you can add baby salted shrimp to the water tank.
Now, let's take a look at some of the important aftercare instructions.
In a few weeks you will find a new increase in the tank.
Fertilized eggs can easily be found, just look for tiny black spots in the eggs.
Avoiding changing water at this point in time, algae formation is perfectly OK (since algae are their natural food ).
In order to keep the fry healthy, it is important to follow proper care.
After 3 months you will see a change in color.
This is when you can feed new goldfish and change water on a regular basis.
If you have a fish tank or aquarium, be sure to see signs of sexual maturity of your fish in order to give them space and the basic environment for breeding.
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