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how business texting can be used in restaurants? - dish of the day restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
how business texting can be used in restaurants?  -  dish of the day restaurant
Business SMS, also known as landline SMS and landline SMS, is a modern business SMS solution.
The service provider text enables fixed phone, free and/or VoIP numbers for the restaurant.
Once the number is text-
Enable it can be used for 2-
The way of SMS (SMS) and picture information (MMS.
Almost all organizations and industry verticals are benefiting from this solution, and restaurants are one of the most beneficial organizations.
Restaurants can use business text messages very effectively in their daily operations.
Let me share the biggest use cases and benefits of restaurant landline text messages: 1.
In order to receive the order, the restaurant can use the ITR (interactive text response) system, which is the text version of the IVR system.
Customers can text to choose the lunch they want to order or book, and they want to be on the date and time point they like.
This is very convenient for customers as they may be in the office or in the university, or in situations where they can't make a phone call or where some customers don't like to make a phone call, so these types of customers can simply text and interact with IVR to book a meal or a table. 2.
If someone has booked a table or a meal, send a reminder and confirmation, it is better to send them a reminder before about 30 minutes to make sure they don't forget to go to the restaurant to pick up the food package.
You can also send confirmation messages from customers so they can have a feeling of being valued. 3.
Today, digital media share feedback is widely used, especially negative feedback.
Business text messages provide a window to appease these angry customers.
You can collect anonymous feedback via business SMS.
You can try to appease angry customers before they land on social media or other comment sites.
This will contribute to reputation management. 4.
Sending dishes of the day or trading of the day sending some attractive information is very helpful for any business and restaurants have many opportunities to increase their business by using business text messages.
Sending MMS for specials or some text messages for tempting deals can help you attract more customers for your business. 5.
Send offers, deals and packages to loyal customers via SMS. Restaurants can offer some amazing exclusive one-time codes to loyal customers via SMS.
This will help increase the customer and business.
The benefit of a business SMS is that customers in restaurants do not need to download or use any special app.
They should just use their local messaging app to send text messages like normal text messages to your restaurant's landline number.
They don't need an Internet connection either.
Simple and convenient.
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