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hitkari bone china tea set do you want to experience wonderful tea taste in hue ...

by:Two Eight     2019-08-04
Drinking tea is an art form of hue in Vietnam's former imperial city, reflecting everything in life.

When hue people sit together for tea, this is the perfect time to talk about a range of topics from literature to current events.It strengthens friendship, expands their social networks, and allows them to share the simple pleasures of life.The way hue people drink tea reflects their character, outlook on life, emotions, and even their mood.
In the past, the hue Royal family set a strict set of rules for drinking tea.A typical occasion must meet certain requirements in the following aspects: venue, tea set, tea plant, brewing water, steps taken during tea ceremony.
Location: The tea room is often the most luxurious and remote space in the house.The walls of the tea room are often decorated with watercolor paintings, calligraphy and ancient poems.To create a relaxing atmosphere, the tea room is also equipped with bookshelves, several antiques, an ancient bronze sculpture or a few orchids.
People in hue sometimes go outdoors and make tea under an old tree in the garden.The tea set is placed on a huge stone table.Almost wild.Looking at the "Hon Non Bo" (miniature trees and rocks) placed in a water-free pot, next to a colorful bunch of flowers.All of this creates a picturesque scene for the tea ceremony.
Tea Set: The typical tea set in Hue consists of four objects: "dam" (small plates used to hold "pass" cups );"Ban" (larger plates for holding "tot" cups );"Tong" (the larger cup used during the tea making process );
There's also a stove, a terra-Pottery jars, water bottles, tea pots, jars with fresh tea leaves, charcoal and fuel, biscuits and jam with cold water.
Seasons are also important and occasions are important (whether it's drinking alone, drinking with another person, or drinking with a group of people ).The individually consumed tea set is called "doc am" and is consumed with the other person "song am" and with the group "quan am" or "nguu am.
Depending on these factors, hue people use different types of tea sets.Each group is decorated with episodes and patterns depicting ancient stories and stories.Each tea set is named after its own decoration.
Tea and brewing water: the most famous tea in hue is wrapped in the lotus flower of Lake Tinh Tam.In the afternoon, the servants visited the lake, put the tea in each lotus flower, and then tighten it with a rope.After sitting for a night, tea was ready at dawn, just in time for the morning tea ceremony.
The brewed water is collected from the morning dew on the lotus leaves, and can also be extracted from the underground streams of nearby mountains.If this is not possible, the brewing water must come from the rain at least.Water shouldn't pass.Cook to prevent loss of taste.
Tuan tra (Tea Time): The guest sits on the left and the host sits on the right to make it more convenient for him or her to prepare the tea.The person who lit the fire was always the master and was considered an exciting task.He or she may add some aloe vera to create a pleasant fragrance when he or she lights the fire to brew the water.
First pour the tea into the "pass" Cup, then pour into the "hold" Cup.When pouring tea, leave some water to prepare the next pot and try to keep the original taste.The taste of tea and the taste of biscuits and jam make the owner and their guests feel refreshed.
When hue people like to drink tea, it is not just for drinking.They pay attention to the discussion and also to the details on the tea set: pictures and their designs.In the past, Emperor Ruan sometimes sent ambassadors to China to order tea sets.That is why some of the most famous tea sets are still in color, such as those used by Emperor Gia Long or Emperor Thieu Tri of the 19 th century.

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