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high end restaurant dishes Credit card use was the second aspect of TasTAFE examined in independent audit report

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
high end restaurant dishes Credit card use was the second aspect of TasTAFE examined in independent audit report
Have a meal at high-time
An audit showed that the end restaurant purchased by TasTAFE's credit card had a 40-cent alcohol bill. The government-
At TasTAFE, credit cards issued are also often used for travel, entertainment, gift cards, fuel, and food and coffee for meetings to be "represented by the hospitality industry ".
The audit of the use of credit cards in public educational institutions was one of nine audits ordered by the state government last year.
Full report, auditors reviewed the details of nine governance areas WFL submitted to parliament last week.
Nine areas of audit will be investigated in depth.
The audit of the use of credit cards reviews transactions conducted by TasTAFE credit card holders between July 2015 and July 2017.
During this period, a total of 210 cardholders, 7 executives and 203 Non-executives.
During that time, the total cost was morexa0$4 million.
"Executive Staff transactions indicate that it is a common practice to purchase meals and coffee for meetings and, in some cases, hospitality industry reps, many of them are written in the report on the occurrence of well-known restaurants and restaurants.
The test also noted that the purchase of meals and coffee was "substantial" and had nothing to do with approved travel or expenses.
"Our analysis shows that credit cards are an important payment method that reflects the organization's high returnsvolume, low-
"Value sourcing requirements," the report states . ".
Transactions that violate director of finance instructions include: 45 fuel transactions for executives and non-executives
Executives use credit cards for entertainment purposes, purchase meals and coffee that are not related to approved travel, 9 use credit cards to purchase gift cards, and one purchase of flights that are not related to approved travel.
"Staff said they would buy gift cards as a reward for staff or students," the report wrote . ".
The staff also stated that they were required to pay for the transaction on behalf of other senior staff using a credit card.
No documentation was found by the auditor to support these claims.
The audit also highlighted a number of issues with credit card governance, including: Violation of authorization restrictions, lack of documentation, lack of credit card confirmation, reconciliation and authorization of transactions within the system.
TasTAFE does have a credit card policy, but auditors say employees have limited knowledge of its content.
"Interviews with staff within TasTAFE indicate that there is a broad awareness of the existence of this policy, but, in addition to a few staff members, the staff interviewed wrote in a report on the specific content.
Entertainment is not particularly mentioned in this policy document.
The auditors recommended a review of the purchase and use of credit cards in desedale, as they called the whole organization "lack of clarity ".
"In our review, we note that the procurement strategy adopted throughout the organization is not clear," the report wrote . ".
"This includes purchasing decisions, costs-
Effectiveness of procurement, forward-looking planning, approved suppliers and whether credit cards are effective and efficient payment methods in certain areas.
Dreisdale is an area of TasTAFE, in which the auditor notes that there are "important procurement requirements" and therefore it is recommended to review and clarify these procurement guidelines.
The recommendation was accepted by TasTAFE management and measures have been taken to ensure that the review is carried out.
Despite noting that the credit card number auditors said there were some factors that worked well.
"TasTAFE's current procurement policy is consistent with the overall
"Government policy," the report says . ".
"TasTAFE is a large organization with a large demand for procurement, including a large number of transactions with low dollar value.
"Previous and present policy documents meet the requirements of the Director of Finance's instructions and are detailed enough to communicate responsibility and requirements effectively.
The auditors also noted the work already under way by management.
"In recent months, executive management has been focused on strengthening credit card policies and compliance for TasTAFE.
Other areas audited include: recruitment, tourism and entertainment, conflict of interest, contractual services, compensation, human resources, misconduct and personal benefits.
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