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Here's your chance to sample Nobu's signature dishes - mekenita restaurant signature dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-11-02
Here\'s your chance to sample Nobu\'s signature dishes  -  mekenita restaurant signature dishes
In preparation for his first visit to India, Nobu executive chef, King of Budapest, said to him.
Yes, I am very happy that the trip to India has finally succeeded.
I have always wanted to go to this country for many reasons and I thank Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa for inviting me to India.
I am excited to meet guests at the resort. Definitely!
The secret of Nobu San's new style cuisine is to combine two very different cooking styles (South America and Japan) in a balanced way, just like Japanese philosophy.
For me, Indian food is both a cooking and a spiritual experience.
In the past few years, Indian food has become popular in Hungary.
When I was in London, I had Indian food for the first time and now I am equally fascinated to work with chef Basha and his team.
I look forward to the whole experience and would like to try some traditional Indian dishes.
It will be an exciting challenge and I look forward to it.
I have carefully selected dishes familiar to Indian taste buds.
In addition, as discerning Indian travelers become more and more receptive to global cuisine, I am sure these dishes will be appreciated.
Japanese fusion food is popular with Indian tourists all over the world.
I am also excited about making dishes with organic ingredients.
These two ways of cooking are unique in their own way.
Indian cuisine takes longer to cook, and Nobu San's cuisine uses a lot of fresh ingredients and takes less processing time.
The trend of cooking is alwayschanging.
Who can imagine that 30 years ago, the mild taste of Japanese cuisine and raw fish would be so popular? Japanese cuisine is currently the most popular
The food here is very popular, and the food in Peru and Vietnam is also very popular.
With its strong taste and unique taste, Indian cuisine has gradually become a trend in the industry, and the future prospects must be bright.
The first Nobu restaurant opened in 1994 in a business partnership between Nobu Matsuhisa, actor Robert De Niro and other management partners.
The Nobu brand has its original restaurant in New York and is now an Empire all over the world.
The chef will be here from May 31-6.
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