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healthy choices when dining out - - local dish restaurant menu

by:Two Eight     2019-08-29
healthy choices when dining out -  -  local dish restaurant menu
There are many reasons to eat more at home-
Cooked meals reduce the number of times you eat in a restaurant.
You are most likely to realize that, among other things, the food in the restaurant is more salty, the sauce is heavier, and the portion size may be much larger than what you eat at home.
However, you can enjoy the food in the restaurant with a little idea and planning.
Here are some tips for enjoying a restaurant meal without sacrificing your health: Consider dining out as a treat or "splurge ".
"If work or travel requires you to eat outside more than a few times a week, just like eating at home, choose a menu option that is closest to what you eat there.
Get familiar with the restaurants in your area that have a lot of health options and choose them when you decide where to go for dinner.
Websites like healthy dining viewfinder.
Com offers healthier menu options for popular chain restaurants.
However, you may find that more health menu options are available at local restaurants.
Ask your waiter about your meal and don't be afraid to ask for a change.
For example, if a special chicken dish sounds good to you, but it has a heavy cream sauce and a fish dish with a light lemon sauce, ask your waiter, will they replace the cream sauce with lighter sauce.
Again, they may be more willing to meet your special requirements as long as local restaurants have these items.
If they knew you were a loyal customer, they would be more accommodating.
Skip the menu page that lists appetizers;
You don't need that much food anyway.
A lot of articles will suggest you make one or two appetizers and a salad as the portions will be smaller, but appetizers tend to be the fattest and saltiest food on the menu.
Don't look at the dessert menu.
Choose a barbecue, steamed or fried instead of fried food, as well as a lighter sauce instead of a heavier cream sauce.
Plan to eat only half the main course, order a salad or extra vegetables.
Either share your other half of the main course with your dining partner or take the rest home for a day.
If you know that you will eat anything in front of you, ask your waiter to wrap up half of your food before your plate is brought to your table.
For many people, eating out or stopping at fast food restaurants is more often than they want, because they don't know what to do when they get home at night.
If this sounds familiar, remember a few quick meals
Such as pasta, rice, shrimp and frozen stir
For example, stir-fry vegetables and chicken with frozen spinach and sweet potatoes
Put your pantry and items in the freezer.
In this way, you will find it much easier to eat at home.
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