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by:Two Eight     2019-06-08
Whether you're a fan of movies, books, or both, you may be mesmerized by the idea of Harry Potter Bertie Botz.There is a thorn on the tail of these colorful sweets that tastes like earwax and grass, mixed with sweet watermelon and green apple.If you're going to make these Harry Potter Bertie Potter muffins, then it's a good idea to sort out which flavor you want to use, so be careful to choose, this way you can make these colorful muffins of jewelry both sweet and delicious.
Preheat the oven to 190 °c and prepare a muffin jar with a paper muffin box.Sift flour, baking powder and sugar into a large bowl.Mix the liquid and orange peel in a jar.Quickly fold the wet to a dry place and be careful not to mix too much.
The dry ingredients should be just wet, so don't worry if there are a few left.Throw the muffin batter into the box so they are full.Bake for about fifteen minutes.They should be golden brown and look good.
Before decorating, let your muffin cool completely on the wire rack.So now you have delicious muffins, but they are not yet Harry Potter Bertie Potter muffins.This happened on your renovation!You'll need 280g of icing sugar, 250g of Harry Potter portpeas, 45 ml orange juice and two teaspoons of softened salt-free butter.
Sift the icing into a large bowl.
Heat the orange juice with butter until the butter melts and adds.Stir this and add the icing.Don't add it at once, because the texture of the icing can vary, so you may need more or less liquid.Sprinkle the icing on the muffin and then top it with your Bertie Botts beans.
You can create a rainbow effect with different colors, or create a theme with only one or two colors.This is a great opportunity for your creativity to flow.However, whether you choose a random order of beans or a symmetrical pattern, your muffin looks and tastes delicious.
Allow the icing to set completely before serving.Muffins can be stored in closed containers for up to a week.If you like Harry Potter Bertie Potter, Australian Gourmets should try these muffins.
You need a lot of Harry Potter Bertie Potter, so be sure to come and see us.Funworks has a large number of traditional sweets and imported sweets, including Bertie Botts beans.Our team of sweet lovers is always ready to answer your questions and help you to place your order.
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