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Guppy Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Guppy Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
One of the world's most popular aquarium fish is Peacock fish.
It is considered one of the best pet fish for newbies.
The name of this fish is the net red fish, which is very popular as a freshwater aquarium fish --
World famous.
This fish is considered one of the ideal options for beginners and is especially recommended for children.
You may encounter several variations of this fish, which can be easily bred and raised.
While there are no special requirements for this fish, proper care and attention can ensure better health and longevity.
As we all know, Peacock is prone to many diseases, and you must take care of it here.
Guppies is a group of fish. it prefers to live in groups than to be alone.
You can put more than 10-
There are 15 gibi fish in the fish tank, which can accommodate about 40 liters of water.
Fish like temperatures from 23-24 °C to 19. 0 -29. 0 °C.
If it is water grown from grass and wood, there is nothing better than this.
Obtain an underwater aquatic plant such as bitter grass.
The plant grows all the way from the bottom to the surface, so it provides a great place for your fish to hide, play, etc.
When these fish are placed in the same fish tank, they tend to be annoying for other types of fish.
Some fish may bite the melon skin. some fish may eat the melon skin as a meal.
So, be careful about the variety of fish you want to raise with your guppies.
There are various options for this fish food.
These foods include blood worms, microworms, fruit flies, salt shrimps, earthworms, mosquito larvae, flakes, lettuce, and freeze-dried foods.
Feed your fish three times a day, in small quantities.
Their stomachs are small and consume a lot of food without eating at once.
Be careful not to overfeed your fish.
After serving them, wait a few minutes to see if all the food was consumed.
If not, then you may be able to provide more food than you would ask.
The flaky food diet is suitable for these fish, however, it is more nutritious to livefood diet.
Therefore, maintain a balanced diet by supplementing thin slices of food with live food from time to time. For breeding.
All you have to do is put men and women together and let nature run.
In order to attract the female, the male usually shows the courtship dance by opening the fins and bending the body.
You can recognize it by looking at the physical features of the pregnant fish.
It will be very fat, and there will often be black spots on the stomach.
Please note that adult Mandarin fish are known to eat their own juvenile fish.
To prevent this, you can move the chips to another aquarium.
However, the water from the old aquarium is always used.
This is because changes in water parameters may affect the survival of chips.
Perhaps the most important aspect to keep in mind is about the disease in which fish are susceptible to infection.
Disease prevention includes maintaining the water quality of the aquarium.
The water must be ammonia free and the pH must be 7.
The hardness and carbonated hardness of water must remain the same, and the temperature should remain the same.
The description may not give you a vivid picture of what the fish looks like.
But once you see any change from this swimmer, you will have a pure feeling of bringing each of them home.
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