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Green Tea Helps Your Health By Fighting Against Cancer - green bone china tea set

by:Two Eight     2019-09-14
Green Tea Helps Your Health By Fighting Against Cancer  -  green bone china tea set
The most amazing goodie from China and Japan to mankind is green tea.
Because of the nutrients of green tea, it is more and more popular in the world.
Nevertheless, if we observe carefully in the theme of green tea, we can observe that there are different kinds of green tea, and the nutritional properties given by each green tea will change.
According to the observation of scientific experiments, the nutrients of matcha green tea powder are the most.
Matcha is a chopped green tea mainly used in Japanese tea ceremony.
This elegant ceremony has a great influence on Zen Buddhism.
Matcha also has the most delicious flavor, so it is now also used to add flavor to many delicacies. g.
Cakes, biscuits, ice cream, biscuits, etc.
Thanks to the addition of matcha tea, the food was also served in attractive green.
Matcha is produced by planting tea trees in shadows, so there is less sunlight.
Because of the chlorophyll contained in this plant, it has a unique sweetness and flavor.
Similarly, the number of antioxidants and amino acids in these shrubs has also increased.
Among these bushes, the origin of matcha green tea chooses the leaves that grow on the top.
The leaves are tender and softer than fully mature ones.
They also have most of the nutrition.
These leaves are kept flat to dry, and then they collapse slightly.
The stems and veins are separated from them, ground with stones, and made into finely chopped matcha in fresh green.
30 grams of matcha tea takes 60 minutes.
This leaf is called tencha.
Since the proportion of amino acids in this type of tea is the largest, the health benefits of matcha are the highest among all green teas.
There are basically two styles of matcha tea.
Thick and thin.
Strong tea is called koicha, while fine tea is called usucha.
For filtering matcha tea.
Use a wooden spatula to squeeze the tea powder out of the mesh of the sieve.
Matcha has excellent nutritional properties, which can not only be used as a tea drink, but also be mixed with a variety of health foods.
Cereal and energy bar included.
According to clinical trials, the proportion of antioxidants known as table alloc children in matcha is 137 times that of all other green teas.
Matcha is known for accelerating metabolism, reducing cholesterol and preventing weight gain.
The good thing about matcha is that when this tea is consumed, it is not the essence of the water we drink, but the whole leaf we consume.
This is why matcha is more advantageous than other kinds of green tea.
Due to the consumption of the whole leaves, the strength of the tea in green tea is the highest.
Matcha even contains more antioxidants than Wolf Berry, orange juice, spinach, blueberry and pomegranate.
The study even found that due to tea in Japanese green tea, mental stress was greatly reduced.
The biggest feature of matcha tea is that you can enjoy it by putting in your favorite foodg.
Cakes such as noodles, manju, monaka, castella can even be mixed with milk and sugar.
It can be used in sweet and delicious dishes and thoroughly enjoyed with its great health --
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