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Gourami Fish Life Span - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
Gourami Fish Life Span  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Have you bought gour fish for your aquarium recently?
Do you know what the life of the gour fish is?
In order for the fish to last longer, you must take good care of the fish.
The Gourami fish is a tropical freshwater fish that can be seen in some amateur aquariums.
Unlike popular ideas, gulami is actually a family of fish, often called the maze family.
They have a maze-like lung organ that is used to breathe air and absorb oxygen in the atmosphere, from where they get their name.
This family of fish has a long slender structure in front of the pelvic fin.
The fish is colorful and lively, attracting the attention of many lovers.
Common cuisine in different aquariums adds a variety
The aquariums are colorful in the style of Pearl gourd, kiss gourd, honey or gold gourd, Moonlight gourd, dwarf gourd, etc.
As we all know, they have a strong personality, so although there are many other fish in the aquarium, most of them become "pets ".
In order to increase the life of the gour fish, it is important to have proper care for this fish with a strong personality.
It is not uncommon to see fish owners asking "how many years did gour fish live.
Life span depends on the species it belongs.
That being said, let's take a look at the life of the gour fish now.
In order to extend the life of the gour fish, it is important to take proper care of these fish. They are semi-
Aggressive in nature, but can keep tanks in the community.
It's better to keep them together with non-offensive tank teammates.
It is observed that the males of this species are usually very territorial, so it is better not to raise more than one male gourd in a tank.
If they are saved in a large can then more than one male can be saved.
In addition to the correct tank partner, the correct temperature should be maintained in the tank.
The best water temperature in Gourami is 74 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit.
The pH balance of water should be maintained at 7.
To extend the life of the fish, the pH should not be increased to more than 8 and reduced to less than 6.
As we all know, for gourmets, they are carnivores and enjoy almost all kinds of food.
In other words, they don't pick food.
They can get dry, frozen or fresh food.
Cooked peas, spinach, lettuce and other vegetables can also be fed to fish.
The same fresh food, such as glass worms, salt water shrimps, etc.
Can also give.
Care should be taken to make sure they get all the nutrients from the food so they don't have any defects.
The water level in the tank must be lowered during the breeding season.
These fish are layers of eggs and are known to build bubble nests for spawning and raising young children.
As the water level rises, the lighting in the tank will have to weaken during the spawning season.
Before spawning, the temperature must gradually rise until around 84 to 84 degrees F.
Be careful not to disturb the bubble nest at the speed of water.
Before you take the gour fish home, make sure you are ready to meet new members of your "fish" family.
Talking to the breeder about the care of the fish will give you a lot of valuable insight.
Follow the tips given by the breeder to increase the life of the gour fish.
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