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by:Two Eight     2019-08-01
For those traveling to Menoka island, it enjoys the famous climate and relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere of the Balearic Islands, and its capital, Mahong, is one of the most important attractions.In addition to the stunning natural harbor (with the title of one of the largest in the world) and the beautiful beach, the historic "old town" center boasts a wealth of history and culture, explore on a leisurely day trip.
In addition to showing more obvious food around the city, there is another very important signature aspect that everyone visiting Menorca should look for and enjoy: world-famous mahon cheese!Rich in butter and unique in taste (supposedly impossible to reproduce), it is a firm favorite across Spain, one of menorca's most important export products in addition to gin.It has won many international awards and has been awarded coveted honors representing high quality areasSpanish cuisine and wines.Mahon artisan cheese is made from milk from local island cows and its diet is attributed to the creation of its wonderful flavor.Its color can go from white to yellow, and the final texture depends on how long the aging process allows for-so there are soft and hard varieties.(For those who are allowed to be older than one year, keep the word "riserva.) It's made with large "wheels" but you won't be expected to buy the whole wheel-though after tasting a taste you might want!Due to the variety of texture and flavor obtained during the aging process, mahon cheese has found a variety of uses in Spanish cuisine.The younger version is naturally a softer flavor and more dense consistency, which is great for recipes that need to melt cheese-especially for potato and rice dishes.The mature version achieves wonderful sharpness, the taste of nuts and a pleasant crushing texture, one of the hallmarks of the aging process.The old mahon was often used as a topping for the Spanish version of Brussels, or sprinkled heavily on the Italian side.It is so delicious that there is no waste at all and even the skin is considered a delicacy.Rub with chili or olive oil with a spicy, nut-like flavor and a striking yellow look.If you want to recreate the feeling of the holiday at home, take a menocca home and you can't beat the ability to deliver your food.Stock up some amazing mahon cheese, take it with you and have a long, cool Menorcan gin, A plate of mahon con Membrillo-a simple snack using local cheese, Sherry, olive oil and Spanish quince sauce (this is Membrillo!) -It will make you feel like you are back on Menoka island ...... Writer Edition Brenda jabak is the general manager of Bateer holiday.They can provide you with a wide range of great villas to visit Menoka Island on vacation.Bartle Holidays does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in this article and excludes any liability for such information.
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