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go out on a romantic date at al fresco restaurants near ... - best lobster dishes restaurants near me

by:Two Eight     2019-08-24
go out on a romantic date at al fresco restaurants near ...  -  best lobster dishes restaurants near me
London is a romantic paradise with lots of private activities for travelers.
Dating someone with a lot of things to do is a good destination, which may be different from the last one.
If you enjoy an outdoor date, then London is the ideal city for a romantic getaway with your partner.
Take your loved one to some great outdoor dining spots in the capital and make her feel special.
Royal areas such as Westminster will provide you with a large selection of murals for romantic nights in London.
Enjoy an outdoor meal at any cheap or luxury hotel in Westminster while expressing love to your partner.
View London from the top at the Vista rooftop bar at Hilton Trafalgar.
This is the largest rooftop bar in central London with great views of the city.
Its rooftop terrace provides a great environment for outdoor dining.
You can enjoy a Mediterranean-style menu, including a hearty egg tart and a seafood platter.
This iconic Sky Bar is also a great choice for champagne and cocktails.
Overlooking the Royal Opera House, this restaurant is an ideal place to taste classic French cuisine.
The balcony location of Chez Gerard Covent Garden is spectacular, with beautiful views of Covent Garden Square.
Here are the classic French dishes such as chicken liver spinach salad, duck meat confit and chicken paste.
This is one of the best restaurants in Covent Garden, offering not only an open-air location, but also delicious food.
The balcony of the Golin Hotel is a perfect place to play with your dear on a romantic outing.
Enjoy afternoon tea, wine, or snacks.
The view of Golin's private garden will be something you expect to make the night more passionate.
To get this on your itinerary, book your stay at Hotel Westminster and enjoy some open air cuisine.
Coq d'Argent Brasserie & Bar is located in the City of London and is an ideal destination for experiencing exquisite dining.
This is a paradise for couples who want to eat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
For lunch, you can try some French bistro-style food, such as the cabbage soup and confit duck legs, as well as the chorizo casserole.
In addition, you can enjoy a variety of wines, champagne, cocktails and bottled beer.
So spend a romantic holiday in London and visit the open-air restaurants near the Westminster Hotel.
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