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gluten free foods are the fastest growing food category ... - what chinese restaurant dishes are gluten free

by:Two Eight     2019-09-09
gluten free foods are the fastest growing food category ...  -  what chinese restaurant dishes are gluten free
The gluten free industry is rare in the economic market.
Although previous analysis of the gluten free page shows that the United States and Australia have-
For gf products, there is very little hard research in the public domain.
While detailed actual sales reports are limited, the existing reports are summarized here.
They agreed that the actual demand for GF products grew very fast.
In short, Nielsen
Reports show revenue from items labeled gluten
Free prices have soared nearly 20% (2008) over the past year to $1.
7 billion from $1.
May 4, 2007 0 billion.
Sales increased by 74% compared to 2004.
Something like gluten.
Free chewing gum and pet food to enter the market only in 2008.
A similar growth forecast was provided in another independent report. \"The Gluten-
Free food and beverage market: Global trends and development, version 2nd-
From the fact that the market research publisher packs, this trend will continue.
Packing facts show that gluten market
From 2004 to 2008, the compound annual growth rate of free food and beverage products (CAGR) was 28%, reaching nearly $1.
Retail sales last year were 6 billion.
The company predicts that they will see twice in the next few years.
Due to many factors, the number of growth in this category, the most important of which is the presence of more gluten
Free products on the market through product introduction and conversion of existing products into glutenfree status.
The market is expected to reach about $2 by 2012.
Sales of 6 billion.
In order to meet the needs of consumers, more than 225 of marketers have introduced new gluten --
Free products entered the United States in 2008.
Reference 2 according to a survey by market research firm Mintel in March 2007, United States 8%S.
People looking for gluten
Free products when shopping. Nielsen Co.
Track glutenfree food in U. S.
Grocery stores, pharmacies and large merchandise stores (excluding Wal-Mart)
Gluten is reported
Free sector growth of 20% in 12-12
The monthly period as at June 14 (2007) was $1.
75 billion from $1.
46 billion a year ago.
Real estate is recommended to increase the average annual growth rate of 74% over three years by 25% from 2004 to 2007.
Interestingly, the online Gluten Free search requirements analyzed in another gluten free page article show that in the five years before 2009, US e-commerce
Demand markets in the US and Australia grow by 42% and 10% per year.
This shows that the growth rate of people searching online is almost twice that of the actual purchase growth rate.
One reason for the sharp increase in Gf consumption (over diagnostic levels) is that "the number of people eating gluten --
The number of people on a free diet may be more than the number of patients with diarrhea.
Due to the intensity of the intolerance, separate ovens, toaster and other appliances may be required in order to reduce pollution.
So, many families of patients
There is less life.
\ "Reference 1 on gluten free prices, an article argues that gluten free may end up being cheaper because it doesn't contain wheat and gluten in the diet.
It noted that "the USDA reported average prices in the United States in April 2008S.
The price of wheat is $371 per metric ton, double the average of $180 per metric ton in April 2007.
\ "(Ref 1) However, the gluten free page report provides the opposite forecast and is also a number of reasons why gluten free products may remain costly for a long time to come.
The variety of choices is also expanding.
New gluten at 2007,700-
Free products are available in the United States. S.
It rose from 214 in 2004.
Mintel expects gluten to grow at an annual rate of 15% to 25%
Free food for years to come.
Reference 3 shows in a green fluorescent protein article a broad but not exhaustive list of which populations do not have gluten free diarrhea effects.
Some of the more serious types are considered: "Autism, multiple hardening (MS), gluten allergy, gluten of all types --
Sensitive, pay attention
Deficit/ADHD (ADHD), repetitive strain or stress impairment (RSI) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS ).
While these are the effects of diarrhea, there are four different types of people choosing a gluten-free diet.
The "non-negotiable" group of milk diarrhea is those with the genes of milk diarrhea, and they have to remove gluten to live a healthy life.
The second group "believes in gluten-
A free diet may help in the treatment of autism and a range of other diseases, including mental division, chronic fatigue, multiple hardening, impairment of attention deficit, migraine and even fertility problems.
Group 3 taking gluten
Free food because they have stomach problems that improve when they eat glutenfree diet.
It is said that this group has "gluten sensitivity" even if the patient may not be small-
Intestinal findings of biopsy that meet the criteria for diarrhea, Dr.
University of California, Los Angeles, director of digestive medicine at David Geffen School of Medicine, Eric esreyan.
The fourth group is said to have "gluten intolerance" or those who experience symptoms similar to lactose intolerance.
What are the latest product trends?
On 2009 in the United States, there was a table full of gluten at the Western Natural Products Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center --
Free bread, pasta, pie, brownie cake, muffins, beer, cosmetics and even dog food.
(Reference 3) as people become more aware of the popularity of gluten in almost every product category, they ask for gluten-free alternatives.
So, what is accelerating the use of gluten free?
Due to the intensity of intolerance (a grain of bread causing a reaction), \ "separate ovens, ovens and other appliances may be required to reduce pollution, a source said.
So, many families of patients
There is less life.
\ "Ref 1 This is similar to why only a small number of CD patients were diagnosed with bringing the whole family to gf restaurant family for a gluten free food.
It is worth noting that in all the latest research, there are still articles on the Internet that think gluten free is a fashion.
This is partly due to past fashion trends in the United States.
Considering the new food labeled "gluten"
Free jumped 86% in 2008. But new low-
The release of Carb products fell by more than half from its peak in 2004. Ref 5.
Other articles go further, and doctors are still willing to put forward the "devil advocate" opinion on the actual existence of the disease.
Over time, we expect these doctors to shift in the same way as some of the doctors in the CBC experts deny that cigarettes and asbestos are harmful or global warming is a myth.
There are broader concerns.
Some nutritionists worry long
Term effect of strict gluten
Those who don't need it are free to eat, because when avoiding gluten-containing foods, people may cause themselves to be undernourished.
Those who choose to go on a diet need to pay attention to the fact that they get enough B vitamins, especially to increase the intake of folic acid.
References 1: June 02, 2008 references 2: March 15, 2009 references 7-7-3 references 4: March 18, 2009 references 5: February 2, 2007.
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