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German Food Culture - main dishes in spain restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-08
German Food Culture  -  main dishes in spain restaurants
You must have tasted a lot of German food, but do you know the rich and famous food culture in Germany?
We all know that Germany is a country of great thinkers and musicians, but that doesn't mean they don't show their creativity in the food sector.
The famous Roman historian tasitus described Germany as a land of warriors, a place of drinking, and a nation of honesty and hospitality.
He also praised the German food, saying it was simple but full.
The ancient German food culture consists of different kinds of bread and porridge made of oats.
Wild fruits and berries are an important item in the German diet.
Ancient Germans also liked milk and cheese products.
Since then, great changes have taken place in Germany and its food.
German food plays a very important role in daily life and various celebrations in Germany.
Most of the celebrations for German families are welcomed by tasting specific recipes and a large glass of good beer.
Recipes vary across Germany.
Nurnberger bratwurst, for example, comes from a place called Nuremberg.
Munich is one of the most famous historical cities, known for Munchner Weisswurst, and famous German food like this is available almost anywhere in the country.
They can be found even in small markets and railway stations.
One of the most interesting facts about this food culture is that you will constantly see the competition between different German regions, whose recipes are the best.
Food culture varies depending on people and national history.
It is a common misconception that Germans only eat sauerkraut and sausage.
If you want to eat traditional German food, I would like to remind you that the food here is large in weight, delicious and full.
Fat is the main ingredient used in ancient times, but now Germans have brought great changes to their food by adapting to various customs from their European neighbors.
Professionals working in Germany always enjoy a light breakfast.
Their breakfast is usually bread with jam, sliced meat or cheese.
Over the weekend, most Germans prefer late breakfast, while too full breakfast consists of sausage, rolls, toast, boiled eggs, cereal and muesli.
In their culture, eating dinner at noon is a very common tradition.
Early 1950 housewives once cooked delicious Mittagessen meals for their children at lunch.
Typical Mita root meals include light soup, meat, vegetables, rice, potatoes and desserts.
However, this tradition has long since disappeared as most women start working, but on weekends, the whole family has a hearty lunch around two o'clock P. M.
Tea time or Kaffee, known as the time between lunch and dinner.
Kaffee usually consists of a cup of hot tea or coffee, a piece of cake and a variety of biscuits.
In modern Germany, Kaffee is usually not followed because people are busy with their professional commitments.
However, many German families still practice Kaffee on weekends and public holidays.
Traditional German food dinner includes bread, cheese slices, cold dishes, salads, vegetables, fish and leftovers for lunch.
As of today, thanks to work on both sides, many German families have a hot meal at dinner.
A full dinner consists of 3 courses, including soup, main course and dessert.
If you go to a restaurant for dinner, you will find a wide variety of options, such as sausage, sausage and a variety of other cheese dishes.
Barbecue is one of the most popular dinner traditions in Germany.
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