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Garlic Cream Sauce - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-05
Garlic Cream Sauce  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Garlic cream sauce is a favorite of many dishes.
Because it is easy to make, it has become a favorite of people all over the world.
Different dishes use different types of sauces.
However, garlic cream sauce can be used with a variety of dishesxa0Likexa0Salad, meat, fish, shrimp, mushrooms, French fries, etc.
It can also be used with pasta or grilled vegetables.
You 'd love to know how to make this versatile sauce now.
The recipe for this sauce uses fresh parsley.
However, you can also use dried parsley without fresh parsley.
You don't have to use cream if you have a sense of diet.
You can also replace cream with milk.
This is a good sauce recipe that can be used not only for pasta, but also for seafood.
There are recipes that combine mushrooms with recipes.
Usually, milk or cream may not be added to this recipe.
Instead, use the water from the mushroom cooked to make the cream sauce.
When using the sauce, it is recommended to use wheat flour instead of fullpurpose flour.
If you like tomatoes, you can also add them in the sauce, but the color of the sauce will not remain white.
If you don't have garlic cloves in your home, you can also make sauce with garlic powder.
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