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Fried Rice Recipes - restaurant quality dishes at home

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
Fried Rice Recipes  -  restaurant quality dishes at home
Almost all foods have their own fried rice recipes.
Here are some of the best for you to try at home.
Fried rice is a staple food for most Americans.
Chinese cuisine.
It is also a popular part of other Asian cuisine.
The ingredients are varied depending on the variety of dishes being prepared.
This rice is usually prepared in an iron pan and is made of pre-prepared cold riceboiled.
Let's take a look at some of the recipes listed below.
Take a big pot and heat some oil in the fire.
Add bacon and stir
Fry the mixture for 2 minutes.
Add shrimp, peas, peppers and stir
Fry for 1 minute.
Now, reduce the heat to the medium-
Put the eggs in the pan.
You have to break the eggs with a wooden spoon.
Add rice in the pan.
Cook this for 2 minutes and throw it away.
Wait until thoroughly cooked.
When done, mix bean sprouts and soy sauce in the pan.
Put the heat on the medium, hold it for a minute, and combine the ingredients fully.
Put the rice in a bowl and sprinkle some green onions on it.
Serve immediately.
Place the pan or pan at high temperature and add some oil to the pan.
Stir the eggs in a small bowl.
Put these eggs in a heated pan.
You need to mess them up very quickly.
When done, put these into separate dishes.
Now put the pan under high temperature and add some oil to the pan.
Add vegetables and ham and cook until soft.
Add some garlic, salt and chicken essence to the rice and stir well.
You will also need to add the scrambled eggs cooked earlier in this mixture and mix them together.
After adding, adjust the heat to low.
Add soy sauce and stir quickly when doing so.
Turn off the heating and service immediately after completion.
Add vegetable soup, soy sauce, fresh ginger and salt to the bowl.
Heat some oil in the pan with medium firehigh heat.
Add onions and carrots. Stir-
Fry for at least 4 minutes.
Stir well with curry powder and peas. Stir-
Blow this up for a minute.
Now all you need to do is add rice and stir with some sauce.
Once completed, remove from the high temperature and stir it well.
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