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french restaurant white dishes is corningware microwave safe? | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-03
CorningWare produces nine different kinds of ceramic pottery.With some limitations, home chefs can safely microwave the SimplyLite, French white, casual collection, creations, colors, traditions, Ryku, ScandiaWhite and portable dishes of CorningWareFor the best results, please follow the specific care instructions printed on the lower side of each dish.
Extreme temperature changes can cause the CorningWare product to break.Therefore, do not heat the convenience food or microwave popcorn pre-packaged with tableware.These products usually contain special brown wrapping paper that generates excess heat.
Some built-in microwave convection ovensIn the Browning element designed for crispy food.In order to prevent potential breakage, do not use the CorningWare with the Browning function.Also avoid heating empty or partial-Dishes containing tableware;Choose a tableware dish suitable for the quantity of food.
Soaking tableware in water for a long time may have a negative impact on the product's ability to withstand repeated microwave use.Do not carry the microwave CorningWare portable device of the case or the CorningWare SimplyLite bamboo server.
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