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french restaurant side dishes what side dishes go good with crab cakes? | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-03
Crab cake is a delicious main course if you like seafood.It's not hard to do it at home, or you can enjoy it at your favorite restaurant.The taste of crab meat is delicate and sweet. most recipes use flour, biscuits or corn flour, add some spices and chopped vegetables, such as onions, celery or sweet pepper, but don't crush the crab meat.Choosing a side dish to match this rich main course is not a complicated task.
French fries are one of the most traditional side dishes, with crab cakes or seafood entrees.The aroma of crab cakes does not overwhelm the delicate taste of crab cakes.You can make it yourself with raw potatoes or buy frozen ones.If you're looking at a calorie or cholesterol count, you can bake fries in the oven to reduce fat.
Coleslaw is a cheap side dish to eat with crab cakes.You can prepare in advance if you are busy.There are many different recipes for making coleslaw.Many people make it with vinegar sauce, which will give it a little rich flavor or season it with mayonnaise.In any case, it complements the rich flavor of crab cakes.
Even people who don't like the taste of fried or steamed okra seem to like the taste of pickled okra.The rich flavor of Pickles balances the sweetness of crab cakes.This necessary balance is why many people use condiments such as mustard, Tatar sauce, cocktail sauce or lemon juice to add flavor to the dish while eating crab cake.
Many people like to be in a mess at a sumptuous seafood dinner.It's not hard to eat crab cake like boiled shrimp or crab legs.Eating the corn cob and melted butter with crab cake and other side dishes will enhance the casual atmosphere of the meal.
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