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french restaurant side dishes foods to go with fried oysters (with pictures) | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-03
Pan-fried or deep-The fried oysters are delicious.The taste is rich and salty.Oysters are served with citrus, black pepper, cream, corn, Thistle and other delicious flavors.It is especially popular in French, Southern and Asian cuisine.Fried oysters can be served with a variety of sauces and condiments, as well as other fried foods such as salads, soups, breads, and even chips.Champagne or white wine is excellent foil for the dark, lush flavor of fried oysters, as are some crisp beers.
Fried oysters are often served with sauces or condiments.My favorite is remoulade, a spicy mayonnaisebased sauce;Citrus;malt vinegar;Spicy sauce (such as Tabasco );tartar sauce;cream-based sauces;Sugar dipping sauce;Lemon slices or green wedges slices;tomato or corn-based salsas;Hot butter seasoned with citrus or vinegar;Fresh vanilla sauce like Basil garlic sauce.Most of these sauces contain creamy elements to supplement the oysters, along with an acid element that emphasizes the deep, fleshy flavor of the oysters.Some oyster oils may include alcohol such as Baole, vermouth, beer or white wine.
The best combination of fried oysters is cream soup or cold dishes.The cream of the Thistle soup, the cream of the celery soup, the cream of the chicken oil mushroom soup and the cream of the chicken soup are all strong choices, as are the tomato, corn or onion thick soup.These can be hot or cold.Tomato or red pepper Cold dishes can be a light, refreshing side, reducing the heavy weight of fried oysters, while enhancing the satiety and taste of oysters.Another classic practice of fried oysters is salad.From withered green vegetables to fresh radishes and cucumbers, these vegetables may be made up of everything.Sometimes citrus like grapefruit is used.Salads made of cabbage, carrots and other fresh vegetables often go with fried oysters from Southern and Asian cuisine.A salad with fried oysters is usually served with buttermilk or sauce-Based on dressing.
Many would agree that nothing is as delicious as fried oysters and fresh French bread.In fact, this is the base of the famous oyster sandwich in New Orleans.In addition to French bread, other types of bread, including sour dough bread and corn bread, can be used.Fried oysters may also be the first choice for biscuits, so pepper crackers are especially popular.When fried oysters with bread or biscuits, you especially like delicious sauces, because bread can be dipped in these sauces before watering the oysters.
Many other side dishes go well with oysters.Fried oysters such as French fries, onion rings or sweet potato chips are often served in the restaurant.Another popular option is to put fried oysters in a omelette with scallions, fresh herbs and bacon.From cream corn, pimento to corn sticks, all forms of corn match the fried oysters.
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