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Frankenfish: The Great Snakehead - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Frankenfish: The Great Snakehead  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
A fish native to Southeast Asia is raging in the United States.
We are talking about the big snake head. Have a look.
The big snake head is a huge fish common in Southeast Asia. it can grow to 66 pounds.
But they are charming and beautiful when they are young, so they are popular aquarium fish.
The young snake head is brown.
Red and pinstripes.
The problem is they can't stay young and slim and are too big for the aquarium.
The adult has a very light belly and a dark back. The head looks like a snake and has sharp teeth.
As a result, people are no longer fascinated, but dump them in ponds and other fresh water bodies.
With other freshwater aquarium fish such as goldfish, releasing them into the wild is not a problem, they just mix with other fish and become new locals in the area, predators of small fish and prey of big fish.
But the problem with the huge snake heads is that they grow very fast, and they are very aggressive and predatory, so there are no natural predators.
So they can quickly overwhelm water bodies or harm or destroy native species that live there.
The great snake head eats almost anything, including fish, snakes, frogs, shellfish, and even rodents and birds.
They don't usually chase food.
But ambush it.
They hide under the thick cover and jump out to eat wherever they pass.
The snake can spawn up to five times a year.
Since they can produce up to 50,000 eggs each time they spawn, they are able to completely destroy local fish species, including popular wild fish such as trout and bass.
Over the years, they have adapted to survive in water with little oxygen, so they can crawl on land for a short distance, balance with fins, and breathe oxygen through small trachea attachments.
While they will not attack humans they may encounter on land, they may do harm to anyone who steps on them.
However, adult snakeheads are very dynamic in protecting their cubs.
It is reported that there is a snake head that attacks humans and occasionally kills humans close to their offspring.
So far, in northern California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine, snake heads have been caught, where the climate is not conducive to the maintenance of the population.
But if the snake head is released into the subtropical waters of Hawaii or Florida, the fish is likely to breed successfully, as many as 115 species of fish, 16 am Filipinos and 5 species of endangered shellfish are affected or extinct in the United States.
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