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Food review: Karavalli, Bangalore - nice restaurant with good vegetarian dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-07
Food review: Karavalli, Bangalore  -  nice restaurant with good vegetarian dishes
Karavalli's dinner is very different from the lunch in the same restaurant-
It's like you eat at two different places in one of the exotic resorts out of town.
The boutique hotel in Karavalli recommended by keway Inn.
Call 66604545: prompt. Not intrusive.
Fresh seafood barbecue with ambient music;
Coriander; Neitha Kori;
Pork SorpotelRs2, 500 (two people and a few drinks) accepted. 30pm;
Seven o'clock P. M. to 11pmA wall now creates a slightly different identity for one of Bangalore's most popular restaurants.
Karavalli is a landmark restaurant in the city, one of the reasons why people go to the hotel where it is located, and now it has been re-transformed --
Fortunately, this is a good choice.
In addition to the cosmetic changes, there are new considerations for the menu.
It is more precise and has more options but less complications;
There is also a separate menu for lunch and dinner-
This may require a wider range of cities.
The fresh grill counter is one of the latest features that will make seafood lovers mouth-watering.
Walk to it and choose from the fresh food of the day, the chef behind it will follow the way you like --
Pick some of the best carefully.
A protected spice mixture from the southwest coast of India.
The main menu is further divided according to the main ingredients;
For example, seafood, meat, poultry and vegetarian diet.
After the initial repetition, I dug my hand deep into it without any effort (soft shell crab, spice, rice flour and deep fried crisp ).
Given my addiction to soft shell crab secrets, I'm usually willing to try a variety of flavors, but this particular one needs a little help.
Maybe the coating needs to be more golden than Brown and a little less salt would be better.
But here, Steamed Zongzi is seasoned with coconut and cumin and can be used as a lovely snack with some spiced rasam, which keeps my brain fixed.
It's a bit weird, but when meat doesn't work, I always find that absolutely simple vegetarian dishes are saved.
However, the shrimp is stirred with fresh coriander and then cooked with saffron sauce, which they hold themselves.
All the sweet fresh prawns are perfectly matched with the freshly prepared saffron sauce --
Balance color and taste correctly.
Next, theat Karavalli is completely different from what I have elsewhere.
Although what I found in Kanua is more suitable for my taste, this version uses the quindapura recipe, especially the spices purchased from this place.
The meat is softer and the spices may have evolved a bit more, not as red as you think.
This is perfect for someone who is not very able to handle hot recipes.
However, for me, the dish is completely new and I think what everyone has to try is the lentils here, which are baked first and then turned into a paste, apply generously on the leaves of corosia and cook for a period of time and supply.
There's something "The Day After Tomorrow" about it, but once you 've done the initial adjustment, it becomes a very interesting start.
The bar in Karavalli is full, but I found wine to be one of the best food combinations.
I'm not a connoisseur, so I just go with the flow and pick the best variety for the food.
The restaurant has introduced something called "a", which is actually like a meal in itself.
My favorite fish is not seer fish, it is cooked with hot chili gravy;
I found the gravy too thin and I didn't like to cut fish either.
However, it is a lovely dish with red rice if you are enough for Deshi.
However, some serious competition can be given to biryani;
Wrap the crispy rice and curry chicken with banana leaves and steam.
The whole flavor of rice and meat and the simplicity of the whole presentation take the place of the cake. That, and the—
Mango Curry, recipe from Havyaka community in Malnad
Created sweet and sour Lovely mix, it is best to eat with rice again.
Another twist in the recipe is-
Bitter gourd and sugar cane cooked with very mild curry (we ate them with appams ).
Tried a different version earlier and I was told that it was a dish that was too many varieties, but obviously depends on the area it came from.
The dessert menu also changed slightly;
The simplest one is the theA Goan version of the pancake, which is stuffed with pancakes, cashew nuts and jaggery, but does not have an obvious sweet or overwhelming taste --a nice finish.
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