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Food Presentation Ideas - create your own dish restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-11
Food Presentation Ideas  -  create your own dish restaurants
It is a well-
As we all know, a nice dish looks more appetizing and appealing.
The food is plated and displayed not just for the fine dining room.
You can also make visually appealing dishes in your own kitchen.
Through this article, we will learn some ideas for food presentation.
Have you ever received a plate of food in a restaurant that will make you "wow" even if you haven't tasted the dish ".
This is because the plating and presentation of this dish is harmonious and balanced, which makes the dish more attractive and exciting.
A nice plate of food can enhance the dining experience.
Professional chefs and premium restaurants will convince you that it takes years of skill to make such beautiful food.
But if you have a little imagination, you can also show dishes that look great.
Creative food presentation idea is the idea of maintaining balance between color, texture and shape.
The dishes displayed should be in proportion to the size of the dishes.
To make your dishes aesthetic, there should be a combination of two or three colors on the plate.
Grilled sea bass with grilled tomato and arugula salad looks more appetizing than boiled chicken with mashed potatoes.
When you serve meat and poultry try to match with steamed or stir-fried dishes©Add vegetables of a little color.
The decor of chopped parsley, coriander and leeks can also be used to add color to the dishes.
If you are planning a cocktail party, it is important to choose the right drink and food mix for the party's success.
Appetizers or appetizers are an integral part of the menu.
Appetizers that can be eaten as small as a bite can be served with beautiful decorative spoons.
Alternatively, you can also put them on lettuce or vegetable leaves.
The decorated cocktails and drinks look more refreshing and inviting.
To decorate your drink, you can use a string of orange peel or lemon peel at the edge of the glass.
Add a piece of fruit, such as starfruit or kiwi fruit, to the cocktail Cup to add more color and interest.
If you are eating a fruit salad, you can replace a regular glass or ceramic bowl with a pineapple.
You need a medium for this.
Pineapple is large or large.
Discard any brown or discolored leaves from pineapple and trim the top.
Cut the pineapple into two equal parts and cut the pineapple into a thin strip to make the bottom.
Remove the core of the pineapple with a jagged knife and dig out the pulp from each half.
You can use this pineapple bowl for fruit salad or salsa.
Another great food display concept is to decorate the main course with onion curls and tomato roses.
Making onion rolls requires fresh crispy scallions and ice cubes.
Trim the Onion neatly and cut the stem 4 inch long.
With the help of kitchen scissors, cut each scallion section into 7 to 8 narrow strips, keeping the end of the section.
Fill a large bowl with ice cubes and add scallions.
Put in the fridge until the scallions curl.
To make a tomato rose, peel the tomato with a sharp knife to ensure that the peel is about 1 inch wide and continuous.
Place the peel like a wooden chopping board on a flat surface and gently roll up the peel like a rose.
Add a little mint to make leaves.
Another simple food display idea is to add a small branch of dill rota leaf.
Decorate the appetizer with cucumber slices, Kalamata olives or sauerkraut to add flavor and flavor.
You can also add orange slices to decorate your dish.
You can also sprinkle powdered sugar or icing on brownie cake.
Make sure the side dishes you are using complement the taste of the dishes.
Serve pure white Chinese main course and drizzle sauce with geometric patterns.
You can also brush a thick layer of sauce on your plate with a pastry brush.
You can use foie gras or BBQ sauce on the mix of steak and chocolate sauce, or you can use cream on pastries and cakes.
You can also decorate cakes and pastries with crystal-clear edible flowers, one of the best food decoration ideas.
To make crystal flowers, please take any flowers of your choice and brush them with water and egg lotion.
Dip the flower into a bowl of sugar immediately to ensure it is evenly coated.
Organize the flowers with wax paper and dry them.
Harmony between color, texture, shape and arrangement is the foundation of fashion food display.
The concept of food presentation is becoming more and more grandiose and artistic. Avoid over-
Decorate dishes with creativity and innovation when displaying food.
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