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Flinders Island Food and Crayfish Festival will tantalise taste buds - list of dishes at a restaurant crossword

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
Flinders Island Food and Crayfish Festival will tantalise taste buds  -  list of dishes at a restaurant crossword
Head to Flinders Island to experience the fresh food and rugged landscapes brought by some of Australia's famous chefs.
Flinders food and crayfish festival will see chefs looking for ingredients five days before a particularly long lunch.
David Moyle, chef at Longsong restaurant in Melbourne, said the idea for lunch was to share the island with friends.
"I 've been fascinated since I first went to Flinders," Moyle said . ".
"I really enjoyed going there, except for the island itself, and I found the people there very real and friendly.
"I look forward to showing it to some friends and cooking with them.
"Being a chef, being able to cook dishes directly from this location and connecting to the land you are standing in is a great treat.
It tastes too right.
Other chefs participating in the festival include Paula, new state;
Matt Stone and Joe Barrett in Oakridgexa0Cool flow in Victoria
Alice Chugg, a sommelier at Hobart Ettie's, will join them.
The crayfish festival was thrown by Jack, who was the only crayfish fisherman to leave Flinders Island.
Mr. Whitley used the traditional crayfish pot all his life, just like his father and grandfather.
The men's cottage is making long tables for the event, and the Flinders Island community will provide their own dining chairs for the event.
Exclusive event openingxa0Only 100xa0"Close
Islanders, until 48 hours before the event, the exact location will not be announced.
Although hats and sunglasses are highly recommended, the dress code for the festival is "barefoot cocktail ".
In addition to lunch, guests can pick grapes at the Unavale vineyards, travel to the island, or enjoy more fresh produce that Flinders must provide.
The food and crayfish festival on Flinders Island will be held on 15 and April 14.
Tickets and more information are available at www.
Visit flyndesland. com. au.
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