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Fish Taco Sauce - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-06
Fish Taco Sauce  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Fish rolls seasoned with seasoning are delicious for dinner.
You can try simple fish tacos sauce recipes with herbs and spices you like to serve delicious food.
Read on and learn more.
Tortillas are a delicious Mexican dish served with a delicious side dish and a delicious sauce.
Typical tortillas are stuffed with corn or wheat tortillas.
The recipe for the filling varies according to personal preference.
You can do it with vegetables, cheese, seafood, chicken and beef.
Here we will focus on the fish tacos sauce recipe and how to supply these tacos in a traditional style.
Serving tilapia fish tacos with sauce has a big impact on your regular dinner menu.
This recipe is very similar in terms of ingredients and consistency to taco salad sauce.
A typical sauce is made of sour cream, mayonnaise and yogurt, as well as delicious herbs.
In fact, the preparation of the sauce is nothing more than putting the ingredients in a bowl or mixer until the mixing is refrigerated for a better taste.
If you serve fried fish tacos tonight, you may be interested in the following sauce recipes.
Take a small mixing bowl and mix sour cream with mayonnaise.
When the mixture becomes smooth, squeeze out the juice from freshly cut lime.
Mix well and check its consistency.
If it is too thick, you can add more lime juice. if it is a runny nose, you can add extra sour cream to achieve the desired thickness.
Then, add dill, cumin, oregano, coriander and chili powder to this cream.
Stir well and add pepper, capers and coriander.
Cover the bowl with a lid (or wrap if available) and leave it in the refrigerator for an hour.
Put your sauce a little longer and cool if time permits.
The preparation time for this recipe is less than 15 minutes.
All you need to do is collect all the ingredients and mix them with an electric mixer.
First, add the original yogurt, mayonnaise (or salad dressing) and sour cream to the blender.
Mix for 2 minutes or until you get cream
Like consistency
Squeeze juice out of half lime and check if the yogurt mixture is still thick.
If so, add some more green lime juice.
After that, add avocado, coriander and chili powder to the mixer. Mix for 4-
Set for 5 minutes at low speed and transfer the sauce to the bowl.
Scrape the sides of the mixer with a wooden spatula to remove the attached sauce.
Finally add salt and freshly ground pepper to season.
Refrigerate the sauce for at least half an hour before serving. .
In addition, change the ingredients to get the flavor and spice you like.
You can also add some garlic with better taste.
When serving, pour the sauce on the tortillas or put it in a separate bowl.
Do not discard the remaining sauce as the tortillas and bagels taste good.
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