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Fish Parasites - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Fish Parasites  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
There are many kinds of parasites that affect fish.
Continue to read some examples of common parasites and signs of their presence. . .
Almost all fish are vulnerable to parasites.
Most parasites do not cause much damage to the host when a small amount is present.
However, they grow and breed quickly under ideal living conditions.
When population growth exceeds a certain limit, it can be life. threatening.
Parasites are usually easily transmitted to another organism.
Therefore, it is necessary to isolate and treat infected fish as soon as possible.
There are many signs of parasites.
Arg is a flat type of shellfish.
It is attached to the body of the fish.
It will bring a lot of discomfort to the owner, resulting in the formation of fins, inflammation of the body parts, and become restless.
: Fish that host anchor worms, also known as Lernaea, are often found to scratch the body on objects and form an inflamed area at the attachment point.
It's white. green thread-
Like the body on the skin of a fish
Anchors usually infect goldfish and other related carp.
: Like an anchor bug, the fungus causes the host fish to scrape the body to an object and extend its white color.
The green line hanging on the fish.
It is mainly borrowed from fish gills.
: Chilodonella is a hairy native that causes excessive mucus secretion from the host fish.
The host fish is often seen flashing and showing irritation.
When the number of chil tooth bacteria in the host fish exceeds 10, it may die.
Under an optical microscope, scratches of mucus and sashimi indicate infection of chil tooth bacteria in fish.
: Cryptorum is a native animal with whip flag, which is mostly present in the stomach of the host fish.
It can also hide in other organs of the fish.
Infected fish may become thin, lethargic and often have dark skin pigmentation.
: Myxozoa usually breed locally and in ponds
Fish stocks raised.
At the time of infection, it causes relatively little discomfort to the host.
Serious infections, however, can be fatal.
: The ball is one of the common parasites in freshwater fish.
It usually affects the gut, liver, bladder and reproductive structure.
Hexamita is usually seen in tropical fish.
It is a single-cell creature that has fish such as iron cakes, fairy fish and Oscar.
Certain specific symptoms and signs are shown, such as decreased appetite and uneven swimming.
They also made holes in their heads.
The claws are sharp and dirty.
They ate the tongue of the fish and changed the organs.
If you breed fish in an aquarium, they are likely to infect parasites.
If so, you must take some necessary action.
This will save healthy fish and the entire aquarium from diseaseinfested.
Infected fish need to be treated with parasites.
The whole content of the aquarium needs to be changed as it may contain eggs or larvae of parasites.
To keep yourself safe, call professionals for help.
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