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by:Two Eight     2019-08-03
Woodmere is pleased to announce its new to tableware and gifts, including seals from five branches of the military.Suitable for customization, the tableware is fine porcelain with 22ct gold wire gold plating, military seal in the spectacular manycolor display.Tracy McElrath, general manager of Woodmere commented: "We 've been doing military cutlery and gifts for quite some time, so it's great to have a dedicated website now .".The new military tableware and gifts are produced using multi-color design and 22ct gold lines at the Woodmere studio factory in western China, PA New Castle.For 40 years, Woodmere has been a famous producer of historical tableware replicas, including Woodmere's White House series of Chinese presidents.In addition, Woodmere is the most important custom Chinese designer and decorator in the United States.Many famous customers in Woodmere include the White House.S.The State Department, Smithsonian Institution, Mount Vernon, Willard hotels and many other museums, hotels and restaurants in the United States.S.
Make a phone call to Tracy McElrath or Beth Cwynar of Woodmere at 1-800-345-0332 for more information on Woodmere's new military collection website or product line.
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