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fine bone china teacup and saucer sets dinnerware patterns of the 1950s (with pictures) | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
From 1950 of the tableware pattern from the natural pattern to the design of the space era.During the age of 50 and 60, when you fill the tank, a set of porcelain and glassware will be presented at the gas station;These items are now popular collections.During this period, dishes made of chemical melamine made under a proprietary name became the first choice of tableware in families with children because of the dishes--A form of hardened plastic-never broke.
Nature has inspired many tableware patterns for centuries, but in the 1950 s you can discover many simple designs, including elegant plant inserts, simple floral designs, theme of autumn or single tulip.Designers name their designs based on what they represent, such as: French tulip rose, autumn leaves, Blue Tulip, Garden Bouquet and inner lake.Many of the 1950 tableware manufacturers choose themes directly from farms or barn farms.
You can find tableware with Red Rooster patterns, golden wheat or cows and ducks on it.The harvested wheat is used on various farms.Inspired by Turkey, geese, sheep and pigs.
Some German-The tableware is themed on delicious ripe fruits, including peaches, pears, apples and plums.More than 1950 years after World War II, people's minds turned to rockets and outer space.With the germination of the space age, this was translated into tableware in the form of outer space design.
Famous designer George J.
James created the Starburst mode, which includes an image of a lineA blue or yellow star.Some of these designs are also translated into crystal and cutlery to create a coordinated tableware placement environment.Many tableware, brand names, etc. in the 1950 s, usually do not include any patterns at all.
These plates have soft shades of blue, yellow, green or soft red, peach, turquoise, purple and brown.Many melamine plates are usually solid, but some of them also contain patterns depicting flowers or nature --Inspiration theme
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