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fine bone china teacup and saucer set reading tea leaves -

by:Two Eight     2019-08-04
One of the most challenging psychological tools for beginners is to take a male or divination through tea leaves.The trick to reading tea is to use a lot of imagination and intuition.The trick to writing an article about tea is to resist ---The spiritual power of a person-Use phrases such as: "touch the bottom..All in all, it is very difficult for everyone involved.Students in my psychological experience class usually struggle to discern symbols and patterns from scattered wet leaves.Our adult brains seem to have lost the ability to freely and frantically imagine what these shapes might mean.Logic training insists that we see things accurately, which inhibits our ability to read traditional divination methods such as tea leaves.My own method is to deal with tea like Luo Xia ink test;Narrowed my eyes and pretended that I saw the symbol.I have achieved good results in this regard.Here are some basic tips and instructions for this fun entertainment event;You may find this hidden talent for divination.Choose a white bowlLike teacup and tea trayBrew loose high quality tea with a pot with a wide spout.Pour, make sure there are enough leaves in the cup and consider your problem while drinking tea until a small amount of liquid remains.Quickly rotate the liquid about three times.Make sure the tea leaves are taken to the edge of the Cup without overflowing.Put the tea tray on it.Put the cup upside down into the tray and let the liquid out.Pick up the cup and focus gently on the pattern formed by the leaves.Let your imagination guide you to locate images and symbols in various parts of the Cup.If you see a pattern but don't know what it means, try to get a message delivered by your intuitive inner voice.The most important thing is to keep a good sense of humor.The minute you read the tea is like a job, and you get in the way of your intuition;So relax and enjoy.If nothing else, you have a good cup of tea.
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