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fine bone china teacup and saucer set celebrate an accomplishment with a mad hatter’s tea party

by:Two Eight     2019-08-04
We all know the importance of celebrating our achievements.It gives us time to really sink this moment before we get into the next project, time to reflect and rejoice.The theme party is a unique and valuable way to celebrate the achievement, and the adult crazy hat Tea Party is the perfect choice!Put this heartfelt celebration together with my relaxed six.Element Method for party planning: Element #1-
The theme of the Mad Hatter's tea party is to use zany and mismatched items to create a fun and quirky mood.Bright, bold colors such as sunny yellow, orange, purple, lime green and sky blue are the order of the day, using a unified black and white board pattern to match your color scheme, create a festive background for your celebration.Element #2 -
Add vellum to the store-A fun and creative invitation was bought.Find the Cup invitation you like and buy a regular or designed vellum from the office supplies store.Choose the one that looks best in your invitation, one that's not too busy or awesome.Create rhymes, poems, or emotions using words or phrases from Alice in Wonderland.Print on vellum, cut into large and small, and connect to the teacup invitation using holes-Punch and color-Coordinate the ribbon.Element #3 -
Turn your party room into an indoor garden from the start.Start with the grass.Artificial turf®This is a great choice, starting at 45 cents per square foot, there are plenty of styles to choose from.You can also rent from a party rental company or buy from a carpet vendor or a local home improvement store.Next, create a garden background using the scene setter."You can buy a variety of cost-effective scene installers online or in physical stores.Each room usually covers 20 feet square meters of wall space.Two of my favorite 4-Give you a garden and sky during the day.Manufacturers recommend using tacky putty to stick the scene setter to the wall;However, if it doesn't stick to the wall, or if you're uncomfortable applying putty directly to the wall, here's a tip: apply it every 6 inch or so with blue painter tape, then put the tacky putty or other pairsThere is a double-sided adhesive on it.To enhance the feel of the garden, consider making large crepes and paper flowers that are easy to make and cheap.Mix them with artificial flowers and put them in a planter box full of foam plastic®.Covering foam plastic with Moss, you create a colorful, unique indoor flower bed.Finally, it's time to put on fun and quirky clothes for your tea table.You'll need a tablecloth, an mismatched teacup and tea tray, a zany plate and napkin, and of course some extra surprises like crazy hat nut cookies, a ceramic white rabbit, or a small teacup.Enjoy discovering clever and unique Alice in Wonderland inspired projects that can easily sit on your coffee table.Element #4 -
Because I believe it will create happiness right away, I really like to offer signature drinks every time.Whether it's alcoholic or non-alcoholic, I prefer a drink that fits my theme and is served in a unique container.To add fun to this celebration, please provide your signature drink in the teapot and the mismatched teacup.Match your decor by customizing the teapot, combining the teapot with your crazy hat theme.Inspired by zany napkins, I decorated three tea pots with puff paint and glitter glue.Simply follow the pattern on your inspired work, or add some simple swirls, dots, and fancy "s" shapes in bright colors to make quirky services for your coffee table.Once the pots dry, fill them up with your own unique "storm in the teapot" mixture.My one can be found on www.Your #5 -
My favorite party event is what I call "bring from home."This includes asking your guests to wear something special as a ticket for their party;In this case, of course, the hat.Please be sure to include this request in the invitation.The event was a good start to the conversation and soon got everyone into the spirit of the subject.You can add to the fun by making your crazy hat celebration a costume party, the more zany and no match the better.The inspiration for this second event comes from a scene in Alice in Wonderland: every time someone toasts or congratulates him or her on his or her achievements, everyone drinks and then someone shouts, "cleancup, clean-cup.I need a clean-cup.Move on!"It's fun to watch everyone pick up and move a seat to the right!Finally, invite your guests to entertain you.Encourage them to tell a joke, sing a song, or perform a short play from Alice in Wonderland.There are a few short plays on hand, such as jabberwoky, Alice and Caterpillar, Walkin and Carpenter, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee, and maybe even the Mad Hatter.Get plenty of prizes ready for theme packaging-Reward paper bags or boxes related to their efforts.But this is the best part of the event.When your guests are done, don't give them prizes, but give them a note with a riddle on it telling them where the prizes are.For example, "the mouse ran over at Hickory dicry pier."Once they find the right clock in the house, they will either find their prize or they will find a note telling them where the real prize is hidden.Element #6 -
Give your guests a small token that will remind them of the fun at your crazy hat Tea Party whenever they see it.My choice is mini teacup and tea tray.Put some candy in the Cup, preferably the favorite of the honorable guest, packed in glass paper®There are some colorful wrinkled grass at the bottom of the bag.Tie the tie with some zany ribbons to match all the other things you use throughout the party and you create a lovely favor.Another tip: reduce the chance of breakage by using a double stick adhesive at the bottom of the Cup.Add a thank you card that says "you're just a cup of tea for me.Thank you for coming to my party."When holding this or any party for someone who intends to celebrate an achievement, please consider preparing a special gift for the VIP.It can be as simple as toast, as thoughtful as a shopBuy a gift or be as delicate as a show.No matter what you choose, it is not as important as the time set at the party.Without failure, this is one of the best ways to create an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.Life is meant to be celebrated!So when it comes to planning a party, use my simple six-An element method that makes it easy for people to get together.Enjoy memories!
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