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find the best restaurants in mexico city - - best restaurants in palermo fish dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-24
find the best restaurants in mexico city -  -  best restaurants in palermo fish dishes
A large part of Mexico's GDP comes from tourism, and some overseas citizens come to Mexico City to visit the history and culture of the capital.
It is known for its museums and historical centers, and has an active and active nightlife.
But the other thing the city should know is that you can find a variety of food homes in different places, so if you are shopping, visit cultural attractions or be ready to spend an evening in town and you should be able to find some restaurants in Mexico that suit your taste.
An example of Mexico City's top restaurants is Fonda El Refugio, located in the area of Juarez Zona Rosa.
It is considered one of the best food in the city, and it is inspired by many national dishes that are now Mexican culture.
Fonda El Refugio takes a traditional approach when providing food, if you want a real Mexican food style, and a restaurant that can still be cultivated and traditional.
Another place known as one of Mexico City's top restaurants is Guadalupana Cantana.
The restaurant, originally founded in the 1920 s, has an ancient feeling that only enhances the charm of visitors, especially as the narrow cobbled streets outside ruin a pair of sensible high heels.
As a very traditional restaurant, you may have two different kinds of food or sit-in as
People who drink in the bar can enjoy free snacks.
It ranges from the flakes of Jicama to the feet of the whole pig.
For those who really want to experience the history of Mexican restaurants, La Morales estate is the best place to stay.
Located in the traditional Sixteen
Century colonial house, the restaurant is decorated with stone and dark woods, giving you a feeling of the past in Mexico.
You can have a drink at the bar, where you can choose the early Church of Spain, and then enter the restaurant for a romantic dinner, including meat, fish or seafood, and a variety of different options.
This place can be a common wedding spot, so when you happen to be waiting, be ready to pass by with the happy couple.
Since this is a traditional place, it is a good plan to choose a formal dress for going out at night.
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