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Fennel Tea Benefits - can you share dishes at the bears restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-11
Fennel Tea Benefits  -  can you share dishes at the bears restaurant
The effect of fragrant tea is really varied.
Like the seed itself, the fragrant tea is very refreshing.
Learn about the benefits of all the fragrant teas you need to know.
Fennel is better than other vegetables.
It looks a lot like the largest size of celery, it is completely white, and there is no vegetable that tastes the same as it.
It is eaten for dessert, crude oil and dry salt or without dry salt, in fact I like it more than any other vegetable or any fruit.
Thomas Jefferson in consumption passion
Ancient Greeks call it "marathon", meaning "thin up", because the quality of herbal fennel helps to lose weight, fennel has been known and respected by ancient civilization because of its medicinal properties since ancient times.
Whether in Ayurvedic, India or in traditional Egyptian and Chinese medical papers, fennel is an active ingredient in herbal therapy.
In fact, the Chinese use fennel to treat the adverse reactions of snake injuries.
Jeffrey Chaucer, a British writer, put forward such an idea, in addition to wild sea chrysanthemum, plantain, parsley, pungent tle hemp, crab apple, tarragon, plantain and VIP er fennel are the ninth herbs considered sacred by the British. Saxons.
Brought to the United States before the 19 th century, the usefulness and effectiveness of fennel was hyped as early as 812 by the Holy Roman Emperor and the Saxon conqueror Charlemagne, and fennel became a must --
There are every royal garden.
The elder, Gaius prienis secudus or Prini, suggested adding fennel to his 22 natural therapies, which Roman gladiators regularly consume, not only to control their weight, but also to improve their eyesight.
Such a fierce and rude Gladiator;
Mix it with their daily food.
The man who fought with him and was subdued;
A fennel wreath.
The Greeks use fennel in large quantities because it is a native of the Mediterranean region.
In fact, the famous battle between the Greek and Persian fleets took place in an area 26 miles south of Athens in 490 BC, and fennel grew vigorously, so the battle was named "marathon battle ".
Greek doctor hipokradi and yam recommend fennel to nursing mothers because fennel has a high estrogen stimulating effect and can increase milk production.
So, now that you know the importance of fennel as an herb, the benefits of herbal tea must also be of interest to you.
Fragrant tea is fennel stewed with clear water.
Let's see how this herbal tea extracted from historically important herbs helps the human body.
Herbal tea is a natural treatment for eye pain and infection.
It is also effective for the treatment of red eyes (red eyes.
Just place the cotton pad dipped in the fragrant tea on the fluffy voyeur for 15 minutes to relieve and restore the vitality of the eyes.
The old man Pliny attributed his vision enhancement to fennel because he felt that it was the consumption of this seed that gave the snake a keen vision.
The fragrant tea has a similar visual enhancement.
Munching extensively in India after meals to avoid gas and odor, fennel seeds bring the same properties to fragrant tea.
The benefits of herbal teas include relieving indigestion and heartburn, flat and swelling.
The fragrant tea also relieved the toothache to a large extent.
In addition to treating diarrhea and constipation, herbal tea can also speed up the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.
It is effective enough to fight inflammation by producing mucus in the upper respiratory tract region, a disease that is medically known as Kartha.
This tea promotes mucus discharge through airway outlet by inducing sputum discharge.
Instant Stop from hiccups.
Herbal tea is a natural help for people with decreased sexual desire and decreased sexual desire.
Herbal tea is a natural drug that stimulates the delivery or contractions of the mother who is about to give birth.
Remind me here.
Women who have had a period of time before the actual delivery, for this reason, should not eat any fragrant tea.
Drinking fragrant tea can not only promote the milk production of lactating mothers, but also serve as a wash to reduce nipple pain and pain during breastfeeding.
What needs to be done is to drink tea on the areola three times a day with the help of soft cotton cloth.
The benefits of herbal tea include solving multiple menstrual-related problems.
It will relax the tense uterine muscles during the menstrual period and effectively relieve the pain, just like caffeine --free.
It can prevent and exploit unruly hormones that cause serious damage to the body, causing pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or menopause depression.
There are two main ways to lose weight in fragrant tea
Reduce overeating by detoxifying the body's harmful toxins and preventing water accumulation in the body (which is a urine that increases the frequency of urination) and by enhancing the metabolic process and using enough appetite.
Drinking this tea regularly can actually promote the dissolution of kidney stones.
Herbal teas limit and reduce the growth of harmful diseases
Cause microorganisms in the body and relieve fever.
This tea with a mild licorice flavor helps to alleviate the problems caused by digestive and inflammatory diseases, nausea and cloning.
Fragrant tea is effective for children.
It can relieve the baby's intestinal cramps and is as effective as the gripe water, but also more delicious than the gripe water.
Fragrant tea can relieve the obstruction of liver, gallbladder and spleen.
Itxa0It is actually very good for the liver because it is known not only for dissolving kidney stones, but also for the treatment of jaundice.
It is said that when tea is regularly consumed for a period of time, it also has the ability to reverse the damage to the liver caused by alcohol consumption.
How do you make fragrant tea?
Simply put, some ground fennel seeds in a non-boiled
Metal container, let it cool for about 10-
Canyon down in 12 minutes!
The story tells us that in the Middle Ages, fennel was stuffed into a key hole as a kind of saint.
Eve of John and St. John\'s wort.
Experts say the practice may stem from the fact that flies and insects are driven away by it.
For the same purpose, the branches are attached to the bridle of the horse.
Therefore, drink two cups of fragrant tea every day to control diseases such as gout in the same way.
Continue to make the most of these benefits.
If there is nothing else, then the fragrant tea does have some role of peace and life, so that the body will be active quickly in the next day.
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