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fastest way to wash dishes in a restaurant up the creek without a paddle.. what would you do ...

by:Two Eight     2019-08-17
fastest way to wash dishes in a restaurant up the creek without a paddle.. what would you do ...
This is not a joke.
I tried it at Adsense.
Before I was banned, there was good income every month.
Pay attention to yourself and everyone. .
Don't buy traffic and send it to your adsense website. .
You will eventually get irritated. . like me!
I tried it on Amazon. .
In fact, this is the only thing that works for me. . 12 sites. .
One of them is making money.
The rest needs to go to the first page and may start to have a good income.
But here is the key. .
My bank account is overdrawn every day. .
The bill has arrived and I don't have other forms of income to stop bleeding.
In the rear view, adsense is still moving at full speed. .
This will be a problem with no problems and the bill will be covered.
I have been trying to figure it out.
This is some of what I came up with and I really hope you guys can give me some advice on what I can do now to start getting some sort of income. .
Keep in mind that I don't have cash and I can't build a service through any link or even purchase an empirical mode d-mode to build a website. Ideas: 1.
) Flip site on Flippa-
The only problem there. .
Their listing fee is $20. . 2.
) Keep blog comments, social bookmarks, and article distribution until Amazon's website reaches its peak. .
This will not happen overnight, and there may be another 30 days or more. .
This means the way to pay from Amazon. . 3.
) Consider writing for salary. .
But writing is hard for me. .
While I force myself to do this so I can get the backlink and add content to the Amazon site. .
But it took me a whole day to get 2-
I got three in my head. .
So it's a slow process. 4.
) I would like to set up some small sniper sites for Click Bank sales. .
Once again, there was no cash to purchase an empirical mode D mode memory or any domain name.
) I have posted 10 resumes and 1 response and then they are gone. . .
Even a follow-up email didn't get them back into the conversation.
I have applied for a job on Odesk, not yet. . 6.
) I can build a website like no business. .
Wordpress is a breeze for me. .
On the SEO page I can do it while sleeping. .
Backlinks are the bane of my existence, but I can do it. .
But I have to do most of the work manually and can't afford high PR networks etc.
You have it. . .
I am asking for any other idea of not spending money. .
I can use it to make money tonight, or before the weekend. .
As I mentioned earlier, I am trying to find a way to stop the "bleeding" of bank fines in the first place ". .
There is some food in the fridge so don't worry. .
Heck, I even lose weight by not eating too much LOL and by default I seem to find an effective diet. .
Just limit your food intake and run 1 mile a day and lose weight, at least for me.
Seriously, running has put the stress off of this situation, so I think I'll keep it that way during this time of cash shortage. Alright. .
Go back to looking for a glimmer of hope for WF. Who knows. .
Maybe next week I will get a call throughout the job search process which will fix some issues and get me back into the game, but just at this point I have to assume that the job market is bad, no bagged groceries, I have to come up with another possibility in order to make money ASAP.
Just in case you want to know. .
Yes, I did plan to go to town in the morning, visit all the grocery stores and submit the application, which would not hurt the rights.
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