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Famous German Food - main dishes in spain restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-08
Famous German Food  -  main dishes in spain restaurants
We often eat famous German dishes, but we do not know that they are indeed German.
Of the various ingredients used in this dish, potatoes are the most commonly used ingredients.
Scroll down to learn more about this versatile cuisine.
Over the years, with the evolution of the social and political situation in the country, German cuisine has undergone tremendous changes.
Food in the region has evolved from different parts of the country.
The country has diverse terrain and is responsible for different products in different parts of the country.
(Black Forest) is located in Bavaria, a broad valley of mountains and Rhine that borders Austria.
(Potato) is introduced by King Frederick II in his diet.
He gave the seeds to the people and asked them to plant potatoes.
(Potato salad) is a staple food in Germany.
With different wars raging across the country, food adapted to different styles as well.
After World War II, East German food had a great similarity to Russian food, while West Germany continued its traditional German cuisine.
Meat is usually marinated in pottery or glassware.
Do not use metal utensils to avoid the reaction of acidic marinade with the container.
Recipes vary across Germany.
Dumplings are one example.
In the north of China, the size of dumplings is very large, while in the south, the size of dumplings is very small.
Although we always say to drink soup, soup is always "eaten" in German ".
The soup is made of potatoes, carrots, mung beans, cabbage and other vegetables.
Meat such as beef, pork and turkey.
In addition to the soup, the soup is also very popular.
The dishes are varied and can be used as part of the main course.
These dishes originated in different parts of Germany, but are now available all over Germany, although different.
You will notice that most of the main dishes are grilled dishes.
Sausage is a staple food in Germany. .
There are all kinds of accompaniment in the German kitchen.
However, the main ingredient of most dishes is potatoes.
There are many dessert recipes in Germany, which are popular all over the world.
No drinks. incomplete German food?
Can you think of a very famous drink in Germany?
You can make these authentic German dishes with simple recipes.
Another attraction is the variety of bread and cheese.
Quark is the most famous cheese. although it is not ordinary cheese, it is softer than ordinary cheese.
Bread recipes are different from those used around the world.
In addition to these traditional foods, there are a lot of junk food.
You will encounter many simple and authentic recipes.
It is clear from this article on "Famous German cuisine" that some of the goods that have become part of world cuisine come from this country.
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