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Facts about the Stargazer Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Facts about the Stargazer Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Stargazer fish is a magical creature with unique features.
The article provides some more interesting facts. .
In general, nearly 50 stargazers were found in 8 different genera.
It lives in the shallow waters of the ocean and ocean, and is common in the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans.
It can be described as an undersea species that likes to be buried under sand or mud, or to stay on the bottom of the sea or an ocean object.
When it is buried in sand or dirt, its eyes and mouth are the only two parts visible, and that is its name.
The fish is now scientifically classified as follows.
The fish has a slender round shape.
A dull shape of the bodybrown color.
Compared to the lower part, the upper part of the body has a slightly darker brown shadow.
It has a large head, slightly flattened on the side and consists of a rough bone disk.
On average, the average size of the fish is from 18-25 cm.
However, there are some species of giant starships that can reach 90 cm.
Its eyes are very small and mounted on the top of the body.
It has a big mouth and is facing in the upward direction.
At the top of its jaw, there is a small projection that looks like a worm.
Most species have dorsal and anal fins.
In some species, however, the dorsal fin is missing.
The fish is poisonous in nature.
This is due to the presence of two large stings, which are located on each chest fin behind the Gill cap.
These thorns can produce electricity or electric shock.
In order to survive, it eats a variety of other fish and animals, such as crabs, in the waters of the ocean.
It hides under the sand and watches its prey.
Its body color also helps it camouflage with its surroundings.
When it finds its prey nearby, it jumps up and grabs it.
Another technique is that it uses attachments attached to the lower lip.
Because it looks like a bug, the fish swings in order to attract prey.
Then the prey, assuming it is a bug, moves to it.
When it is close to the mouth, the fish creates a vacuum in the mouth and sucks in the prey fish.
In this way, the prey enters the open mouth of Star Trek.
The breeding season is spring and summer.
The fish are small and transparent eggs under the sea.
Later, eggs were hatched on the surface of the water into larvae.
They stay on the water until 12.
Length 15mm.
At this stage, they can swim to the bottom of the sea, where they grow into mature adult fish.
The physical features and adaptability of this fish are really good.
Its stinger can release up to 50 volts of electricity, causing harm to human beings.
Divers are very familiar with this marine fish.
Its attacks are notorious, especially for night divers.
If you are working on live specimens of these fish, you should handle them with great care.
Normally, if humans approach this fish, no harm will be caused unless disturbed.
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