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Facts about Moray Eels - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
Facts about Moray Eels  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Moray eels is one of the few fish that can swim backwards.
This article gives you some interesting facts.
Sea fish and eel may eat some poisonous algae or fish with those algae.
Eating this eel can lead to human food poisoning.
It can cause serious stomach and nervous system problems and even death.
) Is a family of eel, about 200 species of 15 genus.
Most of them are marine life, many found in salty water, while some are freshwater species.
These species grow in many parts of the world, mainly in warm and temperate waters.
Their bodies are long and thin, similar to snakes.
Actually, however, they are fish (no fish scales ).
They are not reptiles.
Moray eels is characterized by a slender body flattening towards the tail and a long nose.
They have long dorsal fins located at the back of the head, but they do not have the pelvis and chest fins.
Although they have big eyes, they can't see clearly.
However, they have a very good sense of smell and can find prey.
Unlike other eels, Moray eels has two sets of sharp teeth;
One on the chin and the other on the throat.
Their teeth are sharp.
The teeth in the throat help to break down and digest the food.
They are known to breathe through fins similar to other fish.
Their gills are placed in the form of two circular openings behind the head.
They usually keep their mouths open, and surprisingly, instead of biting people, they provide water that is constantly circulating.
They exist in a variety of colors depending on the species and their location, including brown, black, gray, white, yellow, blue, green or olive green and orange.
In addition, marks such as spots and stripes can also be seen in some species.
Moray eel has a life span of 10 to 30 years.
They are said to swim fast, and their movements are similar to snakes, not fish.
Their body has a mucus covering that protects them from scratches that may occur due to a quick slide around the reef.
They are active at night and usually show up at night unless provoked.
They are hidden in gaps or holes in the rocks and corals under the sea.
In this way, they are still protected by predators.
The size of sea eel depends on the type.
However, it can reach 13 feet in length.
) Is said to be the smallest species length-
) Is the longest.
) Is the heaviest species, weighing 66 lbs.
Moray eels is a carnivore mainly fed with fish, squid, squid, octopus, carrion, crabs and other shellfish.
They hunt or attack prey in an ambush way, easily fit into the surrounding environment, and jump or catch the prey when it appears.
They live in tropical and subtropical shallow and deep water
A tropical region between rocks and coral reefs.
They can be found several hundred metres deep.
In addition, they may live in fresh water and salt water.
Although there are powerful predators in the area where they live, they can be attacked by sharks, barracuda and other big fish.
They were also hunted by humans.
Moray eels is born like other eels (eggs and sperm are fertilized outside the uterus ).
The females put their eggs in a well.
Hidden place, then smell.
This scent invites the male to place the sperm.
It usually takes 30 to 45 days for their offspring to come out of the eggs.
Warm water is the best condition
Therefore, they may appear faster in this case.
They can take care of themselves as soon as they appear.
Most of them, however, may even be prey by other aquatic organisms.
While these Eels may be offensive and look dangerous, they will only be shy and attacked if provoked to protect their habitat, or for the sake of themselvesdefense.
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