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Facts about Gouramis - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Facts about Gouramis  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Gouramis is a very popular aquarium fish, but you need to consider a special attribute of their personality if you want them to keep them aggressive.
Gouramis is generally considered peaceful, but when they are ticked they do not hesitate to treat others or even kill them.
When the tank is too crowded or there are more than two male members in one tank, they become aggressive.
Now, if you're going to keep this diversity as a pet, this is one of the most important things you need to consider.
Because of their lungs, gulme is known as a maze fish.
Just like a maze that helps them use atmospheric oxygen.
These fish are elegant swimmers with unique colors and body patterns.
As we all know, they are a bit aggressive in nature, but perform well in community tanksminded fish.
You can put all kinds of gourd in a fish tank, but you need to make sure you bring home a male and a female.
Otherwise, your fish tank will definitely become a battlefield.
Of all gourami varieties, they are the most attractive and hardiest, highly adaptable in nature and perform well in aquariums with soft lighting and dark base.
These fish are very strong and eat a lot of vegetables.
They are also known as Rainbow gourmets.
In this species, when males try to challenge each other, they lock their mouths together, so that's the name.
They have very small sharp teeth for eating algae.
These people are shy members of their species, and they have a unique body shape that makes them look different from the rest of the gourd.
As their names suggest, these are small fish.
They like to live in a social environment with different colors.
There are still three blue gourmets.
Spot ami is the most popular of all varieties.
They change color according to their mood.
You will see their skin tone darkened when spawning.
You have to put your pet gourami in 10 minutesgallon tank.
These fish like to swim in fresh water.
Fish tanks should also have floating aquarium plants.
The temperature of the water should be around 24 to 26 °c.
The PH should be neutral, although there will also be slight acidity.
They like plants like Java ferns, Vallisneria, and cryptocoine.
You need to use a beautifully colorful base for your aquarium.
They are not very picky when it comes to food.
You can feed them thin slices of food, worms, salted shrimp, and even fresh vegetables such as lettuce and peas.
It's quite simple to breed them because you can easily distinguish between males and females.
The male has a slender body and a fin.
You have to choose a male and female and put them in the tank.
You also have to add loose gravel or pebbles to the tank.
The lion will build its own bubble nest with these pebbles or loose gravel.
When he is ready, he will convince the female to spawn in it.
It's time for men to be aggressive.
After the spawn is completed, remove the female from the tank.
Men will act like a good father and will take care of eggs and young eggs.
When eggs hatch, you can feed salt shrimp and infusoria to the new members of your fish tank.
These fish live in harmony with species such as danios, mollies, and silver dollar, but as they are attracted by the long tail, bright colors, they tend to be aggressive with betta fish and goldfish, as well as floating fins
For male gourmets, these bright
Color fish are competitors that must be dealt.
Females, on the other hand, don't bother other fish or mind their business.
With a life span of 4 years in captivity, you can expect to maintain a healthy relationship with pet fish for several years.
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