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Facts About Doctor Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Facts About Doctor Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Dr. fish, also known as Garra rufa, enjoys a high reputation in the lifestyle industry.
Spa and skin care are becoming more and more popular worldwide.
We give you some interesting facts about Dr. fish. Read on . . .
More and more popular day for fish spa.
This trend has attracted the attention of people around the world, and with this trend, the popularity of Dr. Fish is also increasing.
Dr. fish, also known as Garra rufas, is a freshwater fish.
It is well known that these fish will devour dead skin, thus promoting the growth of new healthy skin.
The origin of these fish also has various legends.
In the following article, we have collected some interesting facts and information about Garra rufas in Buzzle, often referred to as "Dr. Fish ".
Dr. fish breed in river basins in Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and many other Northern and Middle Eastern countries.
Usually found in muddy waters;
However, in Turkey, people found them in hot weather. water springs.
The fish are believed to have originated in the Middle East, Turkey.
They are most common in springs and rivers with temperatures ranging from 38 to 42 degrees Celsius.
These fish live in warm waters with high mineral content.
This caused a shortage of food for these fish.
It is this shortage that is the possible cause of Dr. fish eating dead skin.
People believe that when people are hungry, they will eat their dead skin, and they have developed the same habit for many years.
According to legend, at the beginning of the 19 th century, two Turkish brothers saw Hot Springs on a clear day.
They decided to relax their feet in the water.
So they dip their feet in the warm waters of spring.
Then, a group of fish surrounded their feet.
They began to bite their skin.
The fish bit the skin on their feet and gave them a slight tingling massage.
Soon, the brothers often visit the spring.
One of the brothers has a skin disease.
He observed that when he went to spring regularly, his skin symptoms slowly disappeared.
Soon the News of the fish spread with their bite massage, and people from all over the country visited the spring.
Most people with skin diseases have symptoms cured after regular visits.
Since then, the spring town known as "kanggal" has become an unofficial origin of the fish spa we know in the modern world.
These fish belong to the carp family.
Dr. fish is 7 cm long and has a life of 6-7 years!
They are not very attractive.
They can be kept in aquariums, in water with a pH of neutral, with temperatures ranging from 26 to 27 degrees Celsius.
They may not be "beginner fish" but are rather tenacious.
They can eat almost everything.
They live by algae that grow in the aquarium.
Garra rufas also eats snacks on their own eggs!
Therefore, it is always wise to use a protective net at the bottom of the spawn tank.
The young Garra rufas must also be removed from the tank as they are also at risk of being eaten.
The fish is a dead skin.
But because they don't have teeth, they do it with their lips.
The lips are swollen but strong.
They are the only species in the Garra family that will wolf down even if they are full, eat dry and dead skin.
The doctor fish gnaws on dead skin and dry skin, which helps healthy skin growth.
This bite marks are similar to exfoliating, but in a natural way.
The study found that an enzyme called diathanol was produced in the saliva of these fish.
This enzyme speeds up the regeneration process of the skin.
As they became more popular, many ended up buying Garra rufa look alikes.
There are about 200 species in the Garra family.
There was a black mark on the tail of the original Garra rufa.
It has smooth pigmentation and obvious black spots in the gill area.
In Turkey, Dr. fish is protected by law from commercial exploitation.
As they are so popular, trade and exports using them are increasing.
Most people who use doctor fish for spa treatment do not have any pain.
People with skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema have obvious symptoms and signs.
In some cases, symptoms and signs disappear completely.
However, these fish options for the treatment of skin diseases can be completely cured.
Sometimes they can only relieve and relieve the symptoms of skin diseases.
Despite the popularity of the fish, the legal status of the fish is vague.
Most states in the United States and Canada prohibit the use of doctor fish.
They believe the treatment is not hygienic for commercial use.
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