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expensive pizza of the world - - what is the most expensive restaurant dish in the world

by:Two Eight     2019-09-09
expensive pizza of the world -  -  what is the most expensive restaurant dish in the world
Most people feel tired and don't want to cook. they just choose to order pizza.
This is the same routine.
Get the menu, decide what you want, call and wait for them to show up with the promised food.
If you are like me, you will wait until they are at the door and throw some clothes frantically and look decent when you open the door.
After that, you plop on the couch with the box and some napkins until there is too much grease and cheese.
Normally the whole box is stuck in the fridge for a late night snack or a simple breakfast.
There are a lot of restaurant owners who want to change how we think about this late night staple, and they are trying to create the most expensive pizza in the world.
There are some changes across the country, but when it comes to luxury ingredients and luxury prices, there are two that can be said.
Runner-up is 9 inch round service in 4 films.
There are six different types of caviar on top.
It also contains razor flakes and cream cakes for fresh lobster.
Most importantly, it was kicked a little by some mustard.
In general, perhaps the weirdest thing is that it has never been cooked.
Of course it will ruin caviar.
The price of this dish is $1,000.
However, the most expensive pizza is more luxurious.
It takes the idea of the previous pie and runs with it.
The top is lobster soaked in Cognac.
There is also caviar, which can be soaked in champagne.
In addition, smoked salmon from Scotland, as well as deer meat and sliced ham.
Most importantly, all the pies are aged with vinegar and edible 24-
Carat gold sheet, put it on the top of the excess.
This unique treatment ended up being sold for $4,200.
It seems difficult to understand that a staple in the American junk food diet and a staple that is particularly popular among young and poor people will eventually be replaced by such excessive prices.
That makes sense, though.
Many people work hard and work on the social ladder.
They may come from a working-class background and still like pizza as a special treat.
On the other hand, their taste has changed from spicy Italian sausage and mozzarella cheese to champagne and caviar. These high-
The last meal is just catering to the most discerning and demanding tastes and they will not live up to their decadent promises.
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