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Everything You Need to Know About the 5 Mother Sauces - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-06
Everything You Need to Know About the 5 Mother Sauces  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Prepare the starting point or foundation of various secondary sauces, and each chef or chef should master 5 kinds of parent sauces.
Before Chef Auguste escofiere refined the original list of mother sauces created by chef Mary --.
In French cuisine, a total of five mother sauces are considered an important way to prepare countless other sauces.
Each sauce has a unique flavor and texture that can be enhanced with a variety of spices, herbs and other ingredients.
Whether you are an amateur chef or a professional chef, you must know how to prepare these sauces.
So we provide a stepby-
Step guide for each of the five mother sauces arranged in chronological order.
Also known as white sauce, made of butter
) Cooked with milk.
This rich creamy sauce is mainly used for lasagna and kebabs.
Sir, muthaca, cheese, macaroni and pie stuffing.
Because the recipe is relatively simple©Chamel sauce should definitely be the first to master. -
B. ©Chamel sauce can be used as a basis for other classic sauces such as Monet sauce, cream sauce, mustard sauce, soubutz sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, South tua sauce and more.
In addition to salt and white pepper, you can add flavor to the sauce with white onions, cloves, bay leaves and nutmeg.
Ideally, the sauce should be used immediately no matter what dish you intend to make.
However, if you want to use this sauce later, lower it to room temperature (up to 2 days) before you store it in the refrigerator ).
Now, even after trying to follow the recipe like jam is a bit messy, there is a way to save it with a sieve.
Also known as brown sauce, is the starting point of Demi).
It mainly serves roast meat such as beef, duck, veal and mutton.
This sauce is one of the most difficult parent materials to prepare, so keep an eye on the recipes and follow them accordingly. * Mirepoix -
* Bouquet garni (a bunch of herbs )-
Espagnole can be used as a base for other seasonings such as soy sauce alliance, lime, light infantry, Robert in Burgundy milk tea sauce, and so on.
, Is a rich cream sauce made of butter, thickened with egg yolk emulsion.
This is a sauce with moderate taste.
Eggs, boiled asparagus, grilled salmon, boiled chicken and Benedict eggs are served.
Although the recipe looks a bit complicated or hard to execute, you'll do holandaise while you sleep with just a little practice.
The Dutch sauce can be used as the base sauce for other sauces such as B sauce©Arnesse sauce, marmalade sauce, moselin sauce, sausage sauce, Foyot sauce and more.
It's a slightly more complicated tomato sauce with pasta.
Like in French cuisine, it is traditionally seasoned with gravy.
Although now, reduce or pure©Tomatoes can do the job. * Mirepoix -
Tomate sauce can be used as the base sauce for other sauces such as Creole sauce, Portuguese sauce, Provence sauce and so on. , is a blond-
Color sauce made of stock.
Perfectly matched with the same meat as the ingredients used in the recipe, Velout recipe©No extra seasoning is required.
Willot©The sauce can be used as a base sauce for other sauces such as Albufeira sauce, Alan Mande sauce, orro sauce, ravigote sauce, Normandy sauce, Venice sauce, poulette
This sauce does not require any extra seasoning as it is only used as a base material.
As we mentioned earlier, once you get the hang of making these base sauces, it will be easier to make other sauces through some adjustments here and there. you begin.
In this way, you will not be overwhelmed by all the information, and you can focus more on the right things every time.
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