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Edmonton diner owner calls out food app for delivering without permission - max restaurant vancouver skip the dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-11-03
Edmonton diner owner calls out food app for delivering without permission  -  max restaurant vancouver skip the dishes
When a North Edmonton restaurant owner found a website without her knowledge to provide delivery to her restaurant, she figured out the truth by placing an order --to herself.
Pamela Charlet was surprised Saturday morning when a regular customer congratulated her on finally delivering the goods through a website called DoorDash. Only issue?
Charlet has never heard of the service.
Not only that, when Charlet and her husband Lyle opened the Hathaway restaurant in 2006, they decided not to offer delivery due to the size and location of the restaurant, but to choose to focus on the meal --in experience.
Since then, this restaurant has become the most popular restaurant near Wellington and the top restaurants in Edmonton
Restaurants on TripAdvisor.
Charlet said when it comes to 39 people: "I don't ship because we are very small
Seat setting.
"Placing shipping containers throughout the place doesn't work for us.
We put our customers first in the restaurant.
"Worried that the imposter will deliver food in the name of the restaurant --
The site uses Hathaway's logo and similar menus with several pricing errors
Charlet asked her grill master and de facto social media manager Theresa mcdouald to post a notice on the company's Facebook page saying the restaurant has never been delivered and
Then, out of curiosity, Charlet asked mcdouald to order Hathaway's bacon and egg breakfast from himself via the website.
A few minutes later, the restaurant received a call from a take-out order from a number in Georgia, which placed the same order under the name of mcdouald.
So, the kitchen prepared this dish, the same attention to a seated customer, packed it up, waiting for a confused aunt, what DoorDash called the delivery driver, to participate in the jig competition.
Read more: four restaurants in Edmonton broke the list of the top 100 outdoor dining spots in Canadian restaurants, and the recent meal and dashboard theft should not pay, lawyer saysEdmonton cool history app is designed to fill the gap left by textbooksAn American technology, which links diners to restaurants, doorDash provides food delivery services to cities in Canada and the United States through mobile apps and websites.
First, users place orders from a list of local restaurants in their area that offer takeout, and then, DoorDash makes a call in the request and assigns a driver or "Dashers" to complete the last mile.
The company was founded five years ago and expanded to St. Edmonton.
In October 2017, Albert and Sherwood Park provided delivery to more than 100 restaurants.
The only problem is that not all restaurants know that they are on the list of DoorDash.
The site lists large chain restaurants such as Tim Hortons and Subway, as well as smaller restaurants.
But some, such as LovePizza and Prairie noodle shops in Edmonton, also openly oppose the tech company's tendency not to consult them first and post it on their own Facebook page
"They really went beyond their boundaries and thought they could put my dinner on their website," Charlet said . ".
Charlet said that after receiving similar delivery services, she refused them, believing that Hathaway was
The influx of orders will affect the home experience.
"Call me without washing the dishes, and I said no, and they flinch.
"This place is not even close to me," she said . ".
"It's not a good thing to eat too much takeout at lunch time because (we’re)
"There is no preparation for this," she explained . ".
But Charlet says that if she really decides to ship, she won't want her to be of no help in hiring or managing to place an order, process a product or wait for a pick-up in a restaurant.
In a statement to StarMetro Edmonton, a spokesman for DoorDash wrote that the tech company's goal is to act as the "last --
Logistics Partners.
"For most of our merchants, not only does it provide additional customer and revenue inflows on DoorDash, but it also provides additional marketing opportunities," the statement wrote . ".
"For those who are not interested for any reason, we will immediately remove them from the platform at their request.
The spokesman also confirmed that the company, without prior notice to restaurants, added restaurants to the list of suppliers and relied on them to request removal from the platform.
For Charlet, DoorDash's sense of freedom is like a practice adjacent to "bad business.
"I am very angry. I feel used.
"I worked very hard to make the name, pick a logo, make my menu, think about the menu," Charlet said . ".
"Online is my name.
"After a series of phone calls, Hathaway's small restaurant has been rushed out of the app and website and is no longer listed as a House restaurant.
It relieved the restaurant owner, but the experience forced her to reconsider how to handle take-out orders in the Internet age.
"I think we caught it early enough. Added Charlet.
"If it's another three months, who knows how many take-out orders I'll place?
Who knows how many people will be unhappy?
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