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Easy Japanese Recipes - best restaurant dishes to make at home

by:Two Eight     2019-09-11
Easy Japanese Recipes  -  best restaurant dishes to make at home
Japanese cuisine is full of unique local culture and elegance and beauty.
Japanese cuisine is known for its unique method of making, including seaweed, raw fish, rice and many other combinations that suit taste buds.
Authentic Japanese cuisine is rare. There are so many restaurants serving Asian fusion cuisine that it becomes even more obscure every day.
Chop up the Nigi onion.
Add soy sauce, salt, Milin and dashi into the pan and heat them all to make the soup.
Cook soba noodles in another pot according to the instructions given on the package.
After the noodles are cooked, put in a bowl with soup.
Then, break an egg in each bowl and sprinkle the onion slices on it.
Serve immediately. Oyako-
Cut the chicken and mushrooms into strips and slice the onion.
Then, heat the oil in the pan and fry the onion and chicken until the meat is soft.
Add chicken soup and cook under low heat.
Now add carrots and mushrooms and cook for a few more minutes;
Stir constantly.
Add soy sauce, salt and sugar and pour the beaten eggs into the chicken mixture.
Continue cooking in low heat until the eggs are cooked.
This is very good with rice.
2 scallions (cut in inches)Take a medium-
Put soy sauce, Milin, garlic and sugar into the pan and cook it with medium fire until the soy sauce is reduced to half.
Let the chicken cool down a bit when you prepare it.
Cut the chicken into small pieces (keep the skin normal in Japan ).
Roast chicken pieces, alternating each with scallions.
No sauce when you start baking chicken.
When the meat starts to change color, brush the sauce evenly, continue the grill, turn the skewer, and continue to brush with the sauce until it is finished. 1-1 Abura-
First, wash the rice with a bowl of cold water.
Then, drain out all the water, put the rice of 2 cups of water in the rice cooker and put it on one side for half an hour.
Next, cut mushrooms and APRA vertically. Age.
Then, add sake, soy sauce, abura-
Put the age and matsutake into the rice cooker and turn on the switch to cook until it is finished.
Start with warm upxa0Oven at 175 °c
Then oil the 9x13 baking tray.
Stir the rice noodles, baking powder and sugar together and put them aside.
And then, in a medium
Mix coconut milk, water, vanilla and red, then add the rice flour mixture.
Pour the batter into the oil-coated baking pan and cover the foil to bake for an hour.
Then let it cool completely.
Next, dust on a clean surface with potato starch, and then turn Mochi's Pan on it.
Cut Moch into one bite with a plastic knifesized pieces.
This is a delicious Japanese dessert.
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