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doing dishes in a new york restaurant using leverage to start a business when your broke

by:Two Eight     2019-08-16
doing dishes in a new york restaurant using leverage to start a business when your broke
One of the world's most misleading claims: money is needed from Warren Buffett to Steve Jobs to make money --
The most successful people in the world know that it doesn't cost money to start a successful company.
However, it does need something called leverage.
Successful businesses are not launched with a lot of money, business relationships and highly complex skills;
But more important is to integrate leverage.
From real estate to film;
Leverage is how the world gets things done, what we call a "deal ".
So when you hear someone go to New York to "reach an agreement. .
That's what they're talking about.
Let's say you're broke.
When you see a list of properties that surround yourself, there is no job, no hope, no future at the top. .
That's all the good stuff, and then you can start a business!
In general, the company is established because people need money, and the company usually does not set up when everyone has plenty of cash.
The more cash I have in my pocket, the less I seem to work, so 90% of the business started when I had little cash on hand.
Entrepreneurs are essentially "businessmen ".
In short, traders are individuals who can build leverage in their daily lives, which leads to the development of business models and structures.
These are the "bad guys" who make a dime and are willing to turn things around until this happens.
Traders build the largest, fastest, and more profitable company without having any money or skills at all.
Using leverage and building the perfect deal can definitely do anything.
So you're broke and one day you wake up thinking. .
It's time to make some money.
Now, every deal starts with a dream, followed by a lie.
In this case, let's say that your dream is to open a small restaurant to commemorate your ancient heritage. .
American doctrine. .
I think you will order hamburgers and chips.
Now that you have a dream, it's time to build a lie quickly.
Every business on this planet begins with the absolute fiction of imagination. .
We call it something in your pocket"
And reality, your broken so nothing.
So the first thing. .
It's time to put things in your pocket and in this case it's a story.
Take out a piece of paper, build your first asset and put your bachelor's degree in business into use.
In order to get a successful "deal", you have to put something on the table that involves money, people, or talent.
Professional terms. . capital.
No one wants to do business with you if you're broke!
The basic formula for lies is two parts . . . . . . One of the serious downsides of what everyone wants is that you can't do everything yourself, which may change with the situation at hand.
So you took out a piece of paper to write the story. .
Your father left you a little money (something everyone wanted ). .
You can make up for the shortcomings when you go.
Now that you have a small B/s in your pocket, it's time to socialize.
Head to the big city and book your tickets for your next charity, country club or social event.
What makes this deal so special for people who have never loved their ideas or business-
They want a dollar.
I will tell you about the first aspect.
Opening date. .
So you walk into the room in a tropical shirt and watch "front"
In the retired Bahamas, there will naturally be conflicts with those around you.
Book yourself directly into the food and start your first conversation.
Get a quick insight into their business, who they are, and provide assets for viable leveraged assets (aka assets.
Surgeons, medical, military, school teachers and non-
The spirit of starting a business is the key to a deal.
You need to understand the mentality of the person you want;
The spirit of hard work broke the individual.
These guys work 9-5, 40-
A fixed salary of 60 hours per week with little or no external ambition.
They're yours.
Working-class Americans who dream of themselves.
Each of these people has a dream in their mind, but because of their profession, they have no way to realize it.
Surgeons can't open a company. . no time. .
Military personnel simply cannot stay long enough to start anything.
One thing that every good guy knows is that when you open a restaurant, you look for three types of people: chefs, cheaters, and drunkards.
Find out what you have.
Talking about food, how you used to cook . . . . . . If it's not sticky, talk about how many beers you enjoy after work every day. . no go?
Talk about women.
When you get the spark.
Start digging.
Suppose you chat with someone who works in Dentistry, who likes the local bar next to the house where all his friends are hanging out.
Tell him you want to find a time to look at his information.
Tell him at a glance before shaking hands and exchanging numbers that one day you will show him that you wish to open a bar, but you only know the business side of things and how to make it profitable, I don't know what kind of bar you will open, what theme, or what to serve. .
Then book outside.
Until you find a collection of souls, exchange information, and open the door that you have always dreamed of opening yourself.
A few days later. . Great News!
You call your old friend and tell him you want to know something about the bar business.
Explain how you have a little bit of money and think that if you can bring together the right people to contribute to the creative bank, you may continue to open one.
Bored in their minds. . they say SURE!
The idea of getting involved in opening a restaurant or bar or anything else is great for these people.
Let them start looking around for people with liquor licenses, chefs, or other attribute skills.
Once you 've arranged a few nights meeting with these guys. .
Go out and find some chips.
Get some names from people they know who like to cook. .
Remove them.
If they bring you Joe, a great chief, but he joked. .
Throw them aside.
If they bring you Bill's housewife Sue, who is a surgeon, then she is perfect. .
The transaction started.
First of all, it's time to replace the lies in your pocket with something real.
Go out and find someone who sells a beer permit.
Let's say they want $20 k. Next. .
Time to put the money together (don't use your own! ).
Meet Sue and pick her brain. .
Ask her questions about design, cooking, dishes. .
Find her dream restaurant!
Once she gets excited about making the menu and getting involved in cleaning things outside of the house, then do her homework. Sue. .
We really need a drink card.
I look around and I can't find an affordable one in this town, you and your husband can definitely help me around, things that are priced in the $10 range (or half of what you want ).
The next day, all sue told her you might have found something, but you didn't know anything about them and asked her to call him for details.
This guy will tell Sue $20 k and Sue will say "too much ! "! ”. No worries. .
You have $10 k (your second lie ).
Explain to her how you got the money for the company, but this beer license got in the way of the project and advertise to her to find some partners to share a non
Business ownership and other benefits. .
It would be nice if we could raise $10 k.
Sue wants to be chief and will now market to her social elite, "If I come up with a small $10 k investment (a month's income for most people ). .
Then she's a liar!
She will raise money . . . . . . It makes you shy! Next. .
Go back to the guy who likes his local bar and tell him . . . . . . Good news!
I can almost open my restaurant.
So far I have found a beer permit and raised $10 k for that. .
Just spend another $10 k and we can do business!
Now explain to him that he will be part owner and if he raises money outside his pocket he will have part of the business with nothing with his own money!
He will bring in grandpa, friends, and even a group of people. .
And your other $10 k.
Once you have the funds, it's OK. .
Go to the guy who got the beer permit and tell him. .
There is no one in this town who wants your license. .
I will give you $15 k if you accept it today.
Step 2: get a beer permit and the lies are gone.
With a few good movies, you now have a $20 k beer permit with $5,000 in your pocket.
Now the real deal is at work.
Start hanging out and find someone on the edge of a restaurant or bar.
Once you have someone who is well funded but naturally needs more. .
You said, "Maybe I can help'
I have wine cards. . and capital.
You asked me to build a restaurant by your bar and you could do more business. .
You don't have $ in your pocket. In fact. .
I already have a beer permit to save you $20,000!
I will run the restaurant. you will run the restaurant. .
Of course I can choose a chef. He says. . fantastic!
Now there is no money, you have partial ownership in a restaurant . . . . . . Including real estate with a bar.
You don't spend any more money renting a huge space . . . . . . Your "bar" business partner pays with the $20 k he saves. Lastly. .
The transaction is over.
By having assets on hand, cash and a place where you can start a business.
You go to the local doctor and hope to be the owner of the romantic restaurant. .
Tell him how you got what you needed.
Location, cash, license. .
The bar is almost yours . . . . . . But of course you don't know how to set up a restaurant. .
What theme should it be . . . . . . Who will help me with all the interesting things!
After your local boring doctor cashed his IRA and mortgaged his house. .
You have a real business partner.
He paid more than 50 dollars.
100 k operating capital in exchange for a reasonable part of your business, he now has a place to call home. .
His friends and family can eat and drink there to further enhance his image.
His great contribution ensured his VIP status. Naturally. .
You have 20 more.
30% of the company, you have no money in your pocket, a doctor who is a cook. .
The bar owner who manages the operation.
In the words of a trader . . . . . . Sell your share when you go out and scream.
This is the leverage of society, and it is everything in business.
This is how the real enterprise was born. -
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