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by:Two Eight     2019-08-03
Although the chicken tacos soup on the Mexican restaurant menu is the most basic Mother's staple food --and-Pop restaurant to highThere are no restaurants in all parts of Mexico.It originated in Mexico City and provides services in the region;Because the people in that area move to the north, so the recipes also move to the north.Although the basic soup recipe uses only a few ingredients, what you make with it can make it a simple appetizer or a star of the show.
The tortillas soup first blackens the onions, garlic, and tomatoes, placed under the broiler or in a thick frying pan.These peppers are placed in a blender with seeds and re-hydrated dried peppers until smooth, such as pasella or guaylo.To add flavor, before adding chicken soup to make the soup base, fry the mixture into a paste with a little oil.Some chefs will add epazote to the soup, but many will put it aside or replace it with fresh mint.Sometimes mix the tortillas in the soup to thicken them.
For multiple meals, tortillas soup can be used as an appetizer.In a shallow bowl, make a small pile of cooked chicken breasts.Pour the heated soup base around the chicken and put the fried tortillas on it.Decorate the soup with a few slices of coriander leaves and chopped queso fresco or feta cheese, a suitable alternative if queso fresco is not available.Follow the soup with avocado and mango salad, then make an elegant meal with grilled steak or fish.Dining: you can come here for some traditional dishes, such as burrito and avocado salad.Follow this meal with a light smoothie or fruit dessert and enjoy a sweet finish.
What you add to the soup, and how you serve it, may make the soup a main course from the start.Add shredded chicken, roasted corn and black beans to the soup.Place the soup in a covered bowl and place various ingredients on the table.Avocado, tortillas, chopped cabbage, grated cheddar cheese or queso fresco, coriander and lime corner blocks are some ideas.The traditional toppings are fried dried peppers, which adds a earthy flavor to the finished soup.Seeds are made from dried passila, guashillo, or Chilean pods of New Mexico and torn into small pieces.Fry the pods with vegetable oil until they are fragrant and dim slightly.Sprinkle them on the soup with other ingredients.Tortillas soup served this way is also a very fulfilling and cheap option for parties.
Beer, especially light beerThe Mexican wine body is a casual choice.Of course, tequila.Another cold drink option is basic drinks such as classic margar tower.Although wine is not always considered a Mexican drink, a slightly earthy light red like pinot noir or a bright orange white like acacia is the perfect companion to the soup, especially if you use it as part of a big meal.For those who don't drink, sparkling lime or aqua fresca made of pineapple and melon can be used as a accompaniment to the festival, whether the soup is at the beginning of a big meal or
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