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do you ever eat fast food? - - doing dishes in a new york restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
do you ever eat fast food? -  -  doing dishes in a new york restaurant
A few weeks ago, a producer at WCBS
Television in New York contacted me to discuss a story she was writing about orthorexia.
The result at the end is two-
An hour of whirlwind camera testing, light adjustment and a wonderful interview on a topic I really enjoyed, the producer asked me a very persuasive question.
"I know you might be eating very healthy most of the time, but did you stop at the fast food restaurant on the toll road? " she asked ? "?
"Would you feel guilty about it if you did?
Her question made me laugh because it reminded me that although I stood on the soap box every time I had a chance to preach "Stop dieting!
"Stop labeling food good and bad!
People still think that I eat a "very healthy diet", no matter what it means for everyone who makes assumptions.
My answer to the producer's question is loud, "Yes! ”…and “NO!
"Yes, I eat fast food every once in a while, no, I don't feel guilty about it," I told her warmly . ".
"My husband and I-and now our children-often drive to Lake Tahoe and we always stop in and out, and Wendy or any other fast food restaurant is available when on hunger strike.
My concern is health and happiness.
After all, I am a well trained health coach and, as I have written in my book, I have a genetic high cholesterol (many years ago, when I went vegan for six months to lower my cholesterol, my cholesterol actually went up), I had to monitor and end up with treatment.
Having children also makes me care more about my health than any other time in my life, because I want to take every step there for my girl-on the side of the football game when tears pour out of the broken heart, from the front row of the piano recital and the sofa at home.
However, I strongly believe that emotional, mental and mental health is as important as physical health.
You can have the healthiest diet in the world and are very unhealthy (positive shot, for example ).
On the contrary, we all watched an interview with enthusiasm 103. year-
Gloating, one of the secrets of their long life is eating a bowl of ice cream every day.
Given that I focus on eating real food instead of "food products" full of chemicals, I can understand the assumption that I eat very healthy most of the time, yes, I think it's true.
But I also eat something that has no (or very little) nutritional value.
I like the taste of dancing in my mouth when I eat these foods (I'm still talking about peanuts --
Butter cookie dough ice cream found in Ben & Jerry's more than a month ago ).
Sometimes the food makes my body feel good, but sometimes it doesn't.
For example, on Saturday, while on vacation in the Palm Desert, I started my day with a large bowl of oatmeal and coffee and I loved it very much.
I ordered a chicken sandwich, fries and salad at the poolside cafe for lunch.
There was very little food for lunch but I was hungry so I had quite a few salads (which was the best part of the meal) and all the chicken.
I don't eat bread because I don't like it at all, which leaves me room to eat French fries and I eat it.
After eating this meal, I was not satisfied. I chewed a sugary watermelon and changed the taste of my mouth --
A friend of mine gave me flavored gum in the pool.
Do I have a good lunch?
No, it's not special.
Do I like to be with my family when I eat it? Absolutely.
Am I sad that I didn't have breakfast?
Yes, a little bit.
Do I feel guilty about chips?
Not at least.
When I came back from the holiday, am I looking forward to preparing a homemade lunch?
Yes, although I know I will miss the desert air which I like very much on weekends.
Life is about choice. many years ago, I chose to let go of my guilt about food.
Many years ago, when I tried to get through the positive shooting, I never thought about this possibility and it took me many years to completely let go.
But I can tell you honestly now that my guilt about food has disappeared.
I enjoyed every bite when I was eating ice cream without a hint of guilt.
I tell you that this is a way to address my "healthy diet" hypothesis and a way to celebrate a complete recovery from a disorderly diet.
I live and breathe to prove that the phrase "always eating disorders once eating disorders" is incorrect.
You can heal from the thoughts and actions of packing food.
Open your eyes for WCBS-
About the TV story of orthorexia and write to the radio station to thank them for spending their time broadcasting on such an important topic.
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