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Do the dishes: Why you should keep up with the washing up - long and tedious to wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2020-02-01
Do the dishes: Why you should keep up with the washing up  -  long and tedious to wash dishes in a restaurant
Most people have delayed the mundane task of washing old dishes for a day or two at some stage.
Sometimes even longer.
But the mission of a Perth health psychologist is to change that mindset and find out why we are leaving this mess.
Barbara Mulan, associate professor at the College of psychology at Curtin University, told 720 ABC Perth that she spent several years studying behavior in the kitchen.
"My PhD is about why people are not engaged in safe food handling procedures," she said . ".
Not washing dishes is a common way to spread bacteria around your home.
"Ultimately, if you leave dirty dishes at home, there are people at home, and there may be animals, they are likely to spread bacteria," said Associate Professor Mullan . ".
"Bacteria survive four days on the surface, even on a clean surface.
"So for dishes that are contaminated like food pellets, bacteria can survive for a long time.
"It seems harmless to put plates in the sink, but spreading bacteria around can increase people's chances of suffering from stomach diseases.
Associate Professor Mullan said most studies have shown that dishes washed in a dishwasher are the cleanest.
"There is nothing wrong with the remaining plates in the dishwasher because they are all in place," she said . ".
"You won't let someone in, touch the plate, move the bacteria. "If hand-
However, Professor Mullan offers the following advice: the best way to keep the rag clean, in addition to replacing it regularly, is to microwave.
"It sounds a bit strange, but if you flush it so that there is no food stuck on it and put it in the microwave for a minute, you can usually use the rag indefinitely, associate professor Mulan said. The time-
From a hygienic point of view, it is not good to stick the dishes to the sink for soaking.
"You put the plate in the water temperature below 60 degrees, which is the perfect breeding place for bacteria.
"You will end up with a lovely bacterial soup and then you will put your hand into the sink, unplug and wash the dishes and you will cross if you do not wash your hands properly
Polluting the kitchen.
"The only real solution?
"Try to put the dishes on top," she said . ".
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