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by:Two Eight     2019-07-27
One of the most popular American Proverbs said: "American like apple pie" means "typical American apple pie ".When people talk about the best and most traditional things in American culture, it will be used.What else is more authentic than candy?Apple pie is a basket of short-skinned pastries filled with apples mixed with cinnamon and sugar.
It turns out that sugar was not used in the 14 th century, but in the pie we know and love, it was added from the 16 th century.When the colonists from England arrived in North America, they found the local apple trees here, which were very different from the British apple trees --Low shrubs covered with fruit from little surish (so-Known as the crab apple tree, it is the only "native" apple tree in the United States ).That's why they started adding more sugar to the American apple pie.
Of the 1796 recipes by Amelia Simmons entitled "American cooking", Apple Pie has two recipes.Ground lemon zest, cinnamon and nutmeg were added to the first Apple.In the second -Cinnamon, butter and wine.You can add any berries or even vegetables (traditionally there are not only apples on the Thanksgiving table, but also Pumpkin Pie) instead of apples in the sand basket.
How do American apple pieNew York cheesecake, like apple pie, is considered a symbol of the city.The fact that cheesecake is popular in Europe does not stop Arnold Reuben, the owner of the Broadway lawn restaurant, from declaring himself the creator of "real cheesecake."From 1929, the history of New York cheesecake began --A combination of pure cream cheese, cream, eggs and sugar (no condensed milk, as in Europe ).
Of course, cheesecake is made with jam, berries and cocoa, but the real New Yorker knows what the real cream cake is --The look of cheesecakeHow to make New York classic cheesecakeBrownie brownie is another traditional cuisine that tastes like a sticky chocolate mixture.In fact, the recipe is based on chocolate or cocoa powder.Unlike Apple pie from Europe, brownie cake was invented in the United States.
According to one version, Fanny Farmer baked chocolate cookies in the form of mini chocolate cookies in 1905Cakes, especially the female customers of her sweet shop.Another way is that Miss Brown forgot to add baking powder to the chocolate cake dough, and the result was flat.Well, anyway-Known recipes published in 1906Conquered America.
Now there are a lot of brownie recipesNuts, raisins and berries.How to make brownie cake.Pan.4.Bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes.If you don't have time to make these desserts at home, you can taste a variety of desserts at the best restaurants in New York, because wi, it's hard not to start a new day with something sweetAt each bakery where bread is baked every morning, you will also be sold fresh hot croissants (butter, chocolate or jam) and tea or coffee.I hope it is clear now that American cuisine is more than just hamburgers.
Candy that cannot be expressed, melted, tender, beautiful in appearance and tasteThis is what you will find on any New Yorker's desk or in the oven
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