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dishes new york restaurant puglia of little italy restaurant in new york

by:Two Eight     2019-07-27
The little Italian restaurant Puglia is an authentic, traditional and charming Italian restaurant.Located in East Meadow, New York, 2366 Hempstead toll road.This restaurant was founded in 1919 by Gregory garrofroo.
He came from Italy and began to make his own Italian food.The name Priya is the area where he immigrated from Italy.He treated all the people who entered the door like his family.
Today, his third generation family has inherited his recipes and traditions.He has created a lot of Italian food.Fagioli, tripe, and Capuzzello.Here are some of the dishes offered by the Poria restaurant in Little Italy and their descriptions.Squid House-Fried squid with roasted chili.
Kenmare St.
Fredo-antipatoAll kinds of imported meat and cheese.Romano San genneros pittini-Fried bread, mozzarella, cheese, squid, with a jump sauce.Hester St.Veron Cole al FurnoCover the whole clam with seasoned crumbs.
Take Chili pasta at Fulton Market-Beauty of the Sea: shrimp, squid, clams, mussels and scallops.Vitello Laren -Filet Mignon -Fill with mushrooms and onions with brown sauce.ValdostaFried mozzarella cheese with mushroom sauce and Italian ham.
There are too many Italian food.
They also have a variety of wine options.
The Priya Hotel in Little Italy offers a sunset menu, a dining menu, a party package, and a holiday menu.This restaurant is New York's own small Italian dish
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