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dishes from the ivy restaurant been mia but check this obama note out! | warrior forum ...

by:Two Eight     2019-08-16
dishes from the ivy restaurant been mia but check this obama note out! | warrior forum ...
Hey everyone, I'm sorry to be MIA. busy as usual. . .
Mom has no time to play.
Just got this from David Ike's newsletter. and I LOVE it! Check it out: --------------------------------------------------------------------
David Icke, 2008.
All rights reserved.
David Ike Communications, Barack Obama, November 23, 2008. . . . . .
Hello, naked emperor. . .
Over the past three weeks, I have looked down at many people around the world, including many who should be clearer, and have been deceived by the mind --
The game called action Obama.
Even someone who has some knowledge of the conspiracy has said the following: "Well, at least he's not Bush" and "Well, it's great to see at least such a new spirit of hope.
No, he's not Bush-
His potential danger is much greater.
If the spirit of hope is based on lies, what is the use of it?
In fact, what is the use of "hope?
I don't believe Michelle will tell me the date of the calendar factory, and Obama's wife Michelle said, "Everything starts and ends with hope ". Utter nonsense.
Hope is a meaningless emotion, because its fruit is always in the future, by definition, never in the present.
Hope is like riding a carousel
No matter how fast you go, you won't be closer to the person in front of you.
However, the idea is to convince you to stick to it, despite the inevitable disappointment, because "hopefully" things will change.
But they don't because the system is designed to prevent this from happening.
This is the way that mean and cunning people use "hope --
Take the crap we give you now and hope things will get better (but we know they won't ).
Barack Obama is a communicator of "hope" because his hosts want people to accept what they are getting now and hope that a good time will come.
Just do as we ask, oops, sorry, Barack's request, in return, he will inspire you to hope that all this is to the promised land.
No, but it's too late when you realize it.
What scares the manipulator is that people give up hope as a future --
Never predict, start demanding fairness, justice and freedom now.
In order to avoid this nightmare, they need to keep these desires and not really have them.
So their people, Barack Obama, have taken "hope" as a technology to divert attention, a way to stay on the ground to prevent the masses from truly rebellion.
We didn't have a job, there was no food on the table, our home was foreclosed, but at least we had "hope ".
Thank God, Phew.
"Mom, I'm hungry. Can I have hope ? "
Dear, sorry, you can't have hope today, only tomorrow --
Hope is tomorrow forever.
"So, mom, will I have dinner tomorrow ? "
Dear, we can hope so now, but when we arrive tomorrow, we can only hope for the next day.
\ 'Continue.
This is how hope works.
Or rather not.
Obama's main slogan is change ".
In fact, a lot of hisfunded, record-
Breaking the movement is based on the word-change.
This is a technology used by Bill Clinton and many others, and it works very well because at all times the system ensures that most people are not happy with the way they live.
So when you don't like the status quo, "change" can be a powerful message, even if you don't say what it means like Obama.
The success of him and his controller is critical and he has never specified his "hope", "change" and other ideas --Control trigger-
The word "believe" refers to the way policies and society as a whole will be affected. Hope for what? Change what?
What do you believe?
Answering these questions in detail is fatal to Obama's call.
I studied the military/government ideas.
In the later years, the control scheme and technology were very detailed.
1990 and 2000, Obama's "phenomenon" is the most blatant public --
The mind control operation you want to see.
At the heart of the plan is to make Obama the focus of everything you want, believe and want to change.
That's why it's crucial that he doesn't specify and detail what he means by "hope", "change" and "believe.
However, I can tell you what these words mean in the context of Obama's thoughts --game.
Whether you decide what they mean or want them to mean, they are serious.
The idea is for you to project everything you represent onto him so that he becomes a symbol of how you and you see the world.
Details break the scene of "I'm the one you want me to be" so you don't get any details, just "hope", "change", and "believe ".
They did not want him to be regarded only as "Messiah ";
They also want him to be Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy, or Buddha.
Anyone you choose to project on him because he is a blank page, a blank screen and an empty suit.
Obama is typical. your-own, do-it-
Your own leader, the projection of your own thoughts.
That's it if you're still sleeping.
If you are awake, he is an open book.
) Watch the video of how Obama was elected at the end of the article and see how easy it is to manipulate the masses.
This is a game for children.
"I'm anyone you want me to be because I'm just your projection.
I saw a big smile.
\ 'There is no more powerful manipulation than telling people what they want to hear and keeping silent about anything they don't like. Double-
Glass window salespeople are trained, have general conversations, understand what their goals like and dislike, and respond accordingly in the way products are sold.
This technology just tells potential buyers what you collect and what they want to be told.
Obama is from the same stable country, but on a larger scale, and the entire network of advisers and controllers is immersed in the art of manipulating ideas, opinions and actions.
Obama wrote-for-
His speech is not from the heart, but from the heart.
The "heart" section comes from extensive training, and his Bill Clintonesque has the ability to "say it when he says it," and this delivery status is more than just a performance.
Tony Blair trained the same way.
But if you take a step back and look calmly at these people, you can clearly see the techniques they consciously use.
Blair is the most obvious fraud in the way he made his statement halfway.
Emphasize the sentence, look down on false emotional effects.
Obama is a bit dodgy, but, from what I 've seen over the past year, not much.
You can see that his brain is working, turning left and right between the auto-prompt screens, and then moving the camera directly down for critical information. From-the-
The heart speaker does not;
They were so immersed in their feelings that they didn't even give a chance idea of where they were looking or how the line was delivered.
I have worked in the TV industry for more than ten years, and when a director tells me in my ear what camera to look at, I often read auto tips.
Since the beginning of 1990, I have spoken my truth on public stages around the world.
So I know the difference between manual autoprompt delivery and body language, and speaking from the heart without a script.
I repeat, Obama is from the auto-prompt, not the heart.
Obama's speech was full of ideas.
Neural control technology
Language programming, or NLP, they are carefully constructed to implant beliefs and perceptions into the minds of the audience.
Please see the study behind this newsletter, which examines the use of hidden hypnosis techniques by Obama in his speech.
As I have always stressed, the entire circus Obama is an exercise of mass psychological control, and it is very successful because there are so many people living in a permanent trance.
All of this reminds me of the historical similarities with Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and similar regimes.
Obama may not look like Hitler and may not sound like Hitler, but the theme is the same.
Germany was caused by a terrible country in the economic and military World War I and compensation after the 1930 s, Rothschild/Guangming-
The "peace" conference of Versailles, which was controlled in 1919.
From the chaos, the Germans saw the man in the same way as many people today saw Obama.
His name is Adolfo Hitler, his speech and speech, once again supported by the ceremony based on the idea --
Control technology makes him look like the German "Messiah", the German Obama.
Hitler promised to "change", "hope" and "believe" things in the aftermath of war and financial collapse.
He spoke at numerous rallies worshiping his followers, and in support of Hitler's vision of a new tomorrow, a mass movement emerged.
As author Webster Tapley points out, the fascist in the true sense is more than just a police state imposed by a tiny hierarchy.
It may end like this, but first of all, it is empowered by a massive movement within people who do not understand "change", and the hope and belief they get really makes sense.
They just know they want some because, like Obama, they make it what they want.
It was not until later that they saw the competition they signed up.
Obama's America. . . . . .
Germany of Hitler.
There seems to be a different world, but technology is the same.
Obama is much more dangerous than Bush because he can sell a line to those in a trance, and boy Bush can't do it on the same scale.
Bush is a transparent idiot with no communication skills. He needs large-scale fraud in his vote to make him officially elected.
He can never be a famous figure that inspires people to support some empty "hope" mass movement, when they don't even know the meaning of these words, change and believe ".
But Obama can obviously do it because he did.
One of the main goals of "his" (his controller) is young people, just like the Nazi and Hitler youth movements.
If you think this parallel
Then take a look at this video and see how extreme Obama's worship of some young people has become.
The same is true of Hitler's youth.
Click here to watch. . .
According to the same theme, the website of the World Network Daily reported this month: "the official website of the president --
Change, Obama.
The government initially announced that Obama would "require" all secondary schools to participate in community service programs through college students;
But after a series of blogs protesting children called up by Obama's proposed Youth League, the site's wording was softened.
Initially, under the US services tab, change.
Governor: "President
President-elect Barack Obama will expand national service programs such as the United States and the Peace Corps, and will create a new classroom team to help teachers in underserved schools, and a new health team, a clean energy veterans army.
Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve the United States, the website announced: "By developing a plan that requires 50 hours of community service in middle and high schools, the university's community service is 100 hours. ".
\ 'Click here for the complete story. . .
In a speech in Colorado Springs on July, Obama said he wanted to see an equally strong and powerful "civilian national security force "--
Funded by the Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force.
Please click here for the presentation and the relevant segments will start in about 16 minutes.
As Joseph Farah, founder of the World Network Daily, wrote: "If we are to build a strong, healthy national police force --
As our joint US fundingS.
Military power, isn't that a big deal?
I think Democrats generally believe in the United States. S.
Too much money spent on the military.
How is it possible for their candidates to try to build some kind of huge but secret national police force, which is even larger than the combined size of the Army, Marines and Air Force?
Is Obama seriously considering building a larger and more costly domestic security force?
If not, why did he say that?
What does he mean?
In rhetoric, Obama meant that he did not approve of peace or freedom. He is a front-
Men instigate the same forces that control boys Bush, Clinton, Father Bush, Reagan and Carter indefinitely;
But the difference is that he has been hyped to such a hysterical point that he is allowed to get away with more punishment than they do, at least before the reality comes in the mass line of his hypnotized supporters.
Obviously, it may take some time.
A long time ago, when I was a reporter, I met a technology that some tabloid press conferences used to find someone to talk.
They will work with the first person to knock on the door of a painful family that doesn't want to talk to the media.
He will tell them that he comes from a newspaper that he does not really work for and treats them with aggression and contempt, making them even more depressed.
He will then leave and his colleagues will knock on the door and tell them that he is from a real newspaper and act like a gentlemanNice Guy.
He will say that he fully understands how frustrated the other person must be, but \ 'if you only talk to me alone, I will make sure the other person, and not someone like him, will bother you again.
They usually agree and the scam is done.
The same thing happened to Bush and Obama.
The Illuminati neo-conservative "Republican" faction has taken control of Bush over the past eight years and has led the country into foreign wars and financial chaos (bad guys/problems );
Now, the "Democratic party" led by the notorious Zbigniew Brzezinski has proposed "savior" Barack Obama, with "hope" and "change" (good people/solutions) lead us to the sun.
So more people would say, "at least he's not Bush . "
With the exception of unspecified "hope", "change" and "trust", few know what Obama's policies will be.
The perception of the public comes from the "impression" of him or self"
Projection, not fine print, because Obama will not do fine print before voting, and even then he will hide it in his pocket.
It's an "image" of Obama against the war, but no, he's not.
He said he is against the invasion of Iraq, although we will see what he has done about it in his office.
How can a man who asks to send more troops to Afghanistan, including European troops, oppose the war?
He also said he was ready to bomb Pakistan and use force to prevent Iran from making nuclear weapons.
Obama has no objection to war at all, and if his controllers have a way, he will involve the United States in more foreign conflicts, the deaths of their targets, in a wave of speeches on dark suits, the man with a black face will never go where he sent them.
He claims to be an "uniter", which Bush said to himself before taking office, but unity is not a problem in itself.
Nazi Germany was united in the early days of the war, but is that a good thing?
What is important is what the purpose of unity is to achieve, what is Obama's goal
Boasting "unity" is a mass movement that "inspires" an Orwellian plan that supports the Illuminati.
His consistent remarks about "bringing people together" can be used to justify the "gathering together" of the United States, Canada and Mexico in the North American Alliance;
It can be used to unite believers, oppose and condemn non-
Believers, this is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany.
Burning and violent repression of those who challenged Hitler's regime.
The potential of Obama's mania is endless, when it comes to selling fascist as "hope, change", "freedom" and "New America", or "New World" [order.
Bush and Cheney are transparent warmongers who always struggle to force the people into the army against their will.
But under the current climate conditions, this is not difficult for Obama.
Earlier look at the kids in the video, for God's sake, he's already talking about compulsory community service in secondary schools, high school students and college students, building a people's army in the United States.
That's why I say Obama is much bigger than Bush's threat to freedom.
In the past eight years, Bush has only been a part of the fascist.
For all the reasons I mentioned, it is possible for Obama to complete the work.
All you need to do is look at the cabal behind Obama and the one he has appointed to his government team to see what his "change" real plan is.
His mentor, Sven-Galli, and the main controller, was Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to Jimmy Carter, and United
David Rockefeller, founder of the Illuminati trilateral committee.
Brzezinski has publicly acknowledged that he has begun funding and training what he called "terrorists" in Afghanistan today to oppose the Soviet Union.
At the end of 1970, the controlled government of the capital Kabul.
The idea, he said, was to attract the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to protect the Kabul regime, thus giving the rival superpower "their Vietnam ".
The plan sacrificed the lives of millions of Afghans during the Soviet occupation from 1979 to 1989, and the consequences did not bother Brzezinski at all.
The "freedom fighters" of Brzezinski will be referred to as the "jihad" and later as the Taliban and as the "base"Qaeda\'.
This is the person behind it.
Obama, war.
As we all know, without the consent of the co-president, Brzezinski, President Carter would not do anything involving foreign policy.
Carter was the founder of the President's trilateral committee.
The Tripartite Commission and the wider network of britzki, including the light front like the Ford Foundation, have now chosen Obama, and the same will be true.
Brzezinski will give orders;
Obama's job is to sell these things to the people.
When you think that Brzezinski wants to start a war involving Russia and China, it is quite shocking.
Obama's policy comes directly from the works of Brzezinski.
Here is a quote from Brzezinski, which you might admit, which was put forward before Obama ran for president: "There is a need to reassess society. . .
Deliberate civic education can encourage us, which emphasizes the idea of serving a higher cause than ourselves.
As some occasionally urge, a major step in this direction is to set a mandatory national service period for every young adult, may involve a variety of excellent domestic and foreign works approved by Congress.
Where have I heard about it before?
As a member of the Illuminati, the goal of Brzezinski is to create a world government, central bank, currency and army --
Global dictatorship-
Supported by a micro-chip group connected to a global computer/satellite system.
He wrote a book in 1970, between two eras: the role of the United States in the age of technology electronics, in which he described the global society he and the Illuminati were trying to impose: "The era of technology and electronics is a society that is gradually formed and more controllable.
Such a society will be dominated by elites and not bound by traditional values.
Soon, it is possible to have almost constant monitoring of each citizen and to maintain-to-
The date contains even the complete document containing the most personal information of the citizen.
These documents will be retrieved immediately by the authorities.
He also said in the same book nearly 40 years ago: "Today, we have once again witnessed the emergence of multinational elites. . .
Relations across borders. . .
Soon after, the social elites of most developed countries are likely to be highly international or global in spirit and opinion. . . The nation-
The state is gradually abandoning its sovereignty. . .
Further progress requires greater sacrifice from the United States.
More efforts must be made to shape a new world currency structure, with some risks to the relatively favorable position of the United States at present.
His puppet, Barack Obama, now says what do Americans have to do to achieve "change "?
"Sacrifice ". As Mrs.
"We need a different leadership because our souls are broken," said Michelle.
We need to be motivated. . .
The sacrifices made to push us to a different place.
\ 'You can bet that this will include sacrificing more sovereignty and freedom on the path of the global dictatorship described by britzki for decades.
Brzezinski's son, Mark, is an "adviser" to the Obama campaign (as his father told him) and is aligned with the US campaign --party-
His other son, Ian, is a foreign policy adviser to the McCain campaign (as his father told him ).
Brozinski's daughter Mika reported on the campaign for MSNBC.
For a long time, Obama has been chosen. In fact, only a few people in the heart know that, his relationship with Brezinski almost certainly dates back to his 1980 generation when he joined the Ivy League,
Brzezinski served as director of the Institute of Communist Affairs at Columbia University era Illuminati.
Obama will not talk about any details about the period at all.
And one more question: does anyone really believe that a person, a "people's person", will come out of nowhere, apparently, to run the hippest and best --
A presidential campaign funded in American history?
He was chosen long ago by those who wanted to enslave Obama saying he wanted to "liberate.
And Jewish financier George Soros.
Brzezinski's billionaire assistant is closely related to Obama's funding and marketing.
Soros is a former board member of the Illuminati Foreign Relations Committee and provides funding for the European Foreign Relations Committee.
In a word, he is an important insider.
You can certainly see Soros/Brzezinski's technology in the Obama revolution in the United States.
The complex and mysterious network of Soros foundations and organizations, linked to intelligence agencies in the United States and Israel, trained and funded students in Ukraine, in the art of mass protests and the overthrow of the government, georgia and other places
See David Icke newsletter, big board. . .
Georgia is just another move.
These artificially created protests were sold to the world as a "people's revolution", but it happened that when they were over and the old regime was overthrown, the new leaders were waiting --
Soros, Brzezinski and the puppets of related networks.
Even more so is Obama, a brilliant smile with a rope, completely controlled by the Illuminati network that chooses him, trains him, sells him and provides record money.
It is they who have hidden many of his bones that they will continue to do so as long as he obeys their orders.
He's just another banker who sold himself out for fame and fortune, which is why he supports weird bail --
Why does he always put their interests before the people.
His financial advisor is directly from the list of Wall Street, including Paul Volcker (Tripartite Commission, Foreign Relations Commission, bergberg group), who served as chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1987, this week, Bloomberg's "light will" is within reach.
Com reports that the Center for American Progress, which is only three blocks from the White House, has become a major source of Obama's Democratic policy initiative.
Who funded the American Progress Center? George Soros.
This is just the Neocon project of the New American Century and the American Enterprise Institute under another name.
The two groups have developed and dominated Bush's war and crackdown policies, and the hat and other similar organizations will do the same for Obama.
Obama will wear the hat.
In fact, except in terms of name and words, there is no difference between Bush and Obama's regime on the subject.
Bush's policy was decided by the Illuminati think tank, and so was Obama's.
Both Bush and Obama are surrounded by slave followers of Israeli interests. Mr.
"Change" has promised his unquestionable support for Israel to the point of "handing me the sick bag" and his deputy
US President Joe Biden, a strong Zionist, said he would support Israel under any circumstances.
Obama has appointed the Zionist leader, Ram Emanuel, as his chief of staff, and Dennis Ross, another super Zionist, as his Middle East policy adviser.
God helps the Palestinians.
Rose also served in the administration of Bill Clinton and George Bush.
Oh, there are a lot of "changes" there ".
Ram Emanuel in Chicago
The born congressman is the son of Benjamin M.
Emanuel is a member of the Jewish terrorist group Irgun who helped bomb and intimidate Israel.
According to the public secrets website, Emanuel was the highest recipient of the 2008 election donation for "hedge funds, private equity companies and large securities/investment industries.
In 2000, Bill Clinton also appointed Emanuel as a board member of the mortgage giant Freddie Mac, whose term coincided with a series of scandals and financial irregularities.
As we all know, it has to be released on taxpayer bail in the submarine
Mortgage collapse.
Emanuel's close friend is Chicago.
Based in Zionist David akcelrod, who leads the Obama campaign, there is no doubt that he will be extremely influential in the Obama administration.
Akcelrod is a senior political figure in Chicago, one of the most corrupt political systems in the world.
He worked for the 1990-year-old Chicago mayor and Obama's Senate campaign in 2004.
After Bill Clinton took office as US president in 1993, bringing his Arkansas cabal to Washington, Obama is uploading his Chicago mob and putting the keys to state power and influence
These people do not bring prisoners.
All of this can be a lot of things, none of which is pleasant, but "change" is not.
Obama's "narrator" and handler David Akselrod.
Click here to view a background article that needs to be read between two lines. . .
Obama is a huge LIAR. he tells a good story, but life is completely different.
In 1996, he won his first political position as a state senator in Chicago, not through his policy powers, but through the cold abuse of electoral procedures.
Instead of competing with his opponents and not letting the people decide, he asked his people to challenge hundreds of names on the nomination documents of his main Democratic opponent until they were all technically
Then he did not object.
One of them, Gha-
Ashem said Obama's actions run counter to his image as a minor and crusader fighting for voter rights: "Why say you're for a new tomorrow and then go and do the old --
Remove the political style of Chicago for legal candidates?
He talked about honor and democracy, but what honor is there to get rid of other candidates so you can run for Scots --free?
Why not let the people decide? \' Why?
Because he may lose, Obama is not interested in fair play and losing.
He wants to win by any means necessary. The only voter-
The right he is interested in is the right to vote for him.
Obama is a typical corrupt man.
Chancer was born from the political circle in Chicago.
So his close connection with a severely cunning "merchant" and scammer like Tony Rezko, now imprisoned slum landlord, is exactly what you expect.
But there is no big evidence to stop the Obama Zombies from believing in hype or breaking their real bubble.
This will require a difficult experience, and it may take some time and a lot of disappointment before they are released from the claws of cognitive disorder, and it must be admitted that they have already had it.
The same is true of all black people who voted for what they thought was the first black president, and in fact, he is a man wearing a black mask for the benefit of white people --
In the face of the Illuminati cabal, the families and networks that manage the slave trade.
I don't want to be a communicator of bad news or a vandal of dreams, but honesty requires me to do so.
This man is a super-controlled liar. tricksters.
Sock puppets controlled by larger sock puppets serve the greater and darker evil.
For his host, Obama is just a means to achieve the goal, and if it is right for them to assassinate him that caused American civil war and unrest, then they will do so.
Oh Dear Oprah, how will you deal with it when reality comes?
But, then, will it be forever? ? \'What?
Are you saying you're not God?
I can understand the appeal of Obama because people want him to be what he claims to be, but not.
They are tired of what we call the conflict, corruption, and struggle of "life" and they want everything to change.
But Obama's change is illusory and represents only the ongoing shift in the social image that Orwell envisioned.
We're going to see something obviously good to be announced, like the closure of the Guantanamo prison, giving the impression that what Obama is saying is true.
But, staring at the ball, you will see how the agenda of global tyranny is coming under the guise of Obama's "hope" and "change, "Believe", "sacrifice" and "Come Together ".
Before cognitive disorders (lying to themselves) lose control of the minds of the Obama believers, it may take two years, or even longer.
Before that, they will make excuses for him (lying to himself) to keep the "dream" alive.
But one day they had to admit that, based on the evidence before them, they bought a dream and had a nightmare.
It is a pity that they can't see the obvious things now and save themselves, such a painful disappointment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Wow -
Do I need to say more? Thanks! MichellePS -
Hope I have more time to write a short note!
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