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dish soap & vinegar window cleaning recipe | ehow - how to wash dishes in a restaurant fast

by:Two Eight     2019-09-19
dish soap & vinegar window cleaning recipe | ehow  -  how to wash dishes in a restaurant fast
Vinegar is an effective window and glass cleaner because its natural acid is hard to penetratewater buildup.
This is especially helpful for sliding glass doors exposed to water spray.
Hard water contains high concentration minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
Hard water deposits minerals on glass, and these deposits remain there after water evaporates.
This means water spots and turbid stains for Windows.
A commercial window cleaner can leave a wax residue on the glass.
If you are going to use plain distilled vinegar as a window cleaner, clean the window with a solution of soap and vinegar first.
Mix 2 cups of water, half a cup of white distilled vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle.
Spray the solution on the window and let it set for about 30 seconds before polishing with a soft cloth.
No Flushing required.
For heavy cleaning, fill a bucket with 4 glasses of water.
Add half a cup of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap.
Use, soak cotton wool-
Free cloth in solution, squeeze out excess liquid before wiping the window.
Do not wipe the window with a damp cloth, but rather a large amount of sponge mixture on the window and scrub to move the sponge in a circular motion.
Remove the solution by running the scraper on the glass panel.
For Window spray cleaners, use ammonia instead of soap.
Ammonia is a common ingredient in commercial window cleaners.
Add a spray bottle of 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of white distilled vinegar and 4 tablespoons of ammonia. Shake well.
Use vinegar and water to make the Windows cleaner.
Add 2 cups of water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar to the spray bottle.
To make the homemade cleaner look like a commercial product, someone added a few drops of blue food coloring.
The color has no effect other than changing the look of the cleaner. For a fast-
Wipe, dry and stripe-free window cleaners using vinegar and alcohol.
Fill the spray bottle with 1 glass of water, 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and 1 tablespoon of white distilled vinegar.
This is appropriate when you need a window cleaner without stripes.
Instead of mixing vinegar with soap, water, alcohol or ammonia, use straight vinegar or dilute the vinegar with the same amount of water.
Direct vinegar is an effective cleaner to remove hardwater stains.
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