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by:Two Eight     2019-08-16
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If you know and use it, there is a very powerful marketing lesson here.
When I was a kid, everyone in the block was cleaning and waxing their car in the driveway at home --
Even in winter.
On any weekend (most people workF 8-
5) you can drive up and down the nearby street and see hoses, buckets, sponges, antelopes, towels, brushes, portable radios ("transistors") and a wide variety of vacuum cleaners, garbage trucks are everywhere.
The smell of soap, Turtle Wax, Windex and coporton floating in the air indicates that the housework is in progress!
How often do you notice people washing their cars at home these days? Seldom? Never? Why is that?
Today, it's convenient, easier, faster, less troublesome to drive the car wash and finish the car wash work at a reasonable cost.
Car Wash is everywhere so easy to find no matter where you are.
There is a strong marketing principle in this little story.
If you "get it" and adjust the principle to your own business, you will sell a lot more products (or services) than other products (or services ).
People like "how" information.
Online everywhere.
People who often go online want to know how to do things, experience things, solve problems, find happiness, make their lives easier, more efficient, more fulfilling, and so on.
As a result, marketers have learnedit-
(DIY) information and product sales are very good.
DIY is a very popular way to experience and share almost any niche. . . but . . .
This is not the secret I want to reveal.
After working in the Internet industry for 20 years, I understand this valuable fact: there are only so many people in any niche audience who really do it --it-yourselfers -
They're people who don't avoid work-from \"doing.
Sadly, DIY needs to work.
Sometimes it's hard work, hard, laborious, tedious and frustrating.
A larger proportion of almost all niche audiences is DFYers-\"done-for-
You \ "those who would rather just buy a solution or wish and give it to them without any work.
So here's the complete content: a lot of people are looking for DIY solutions online, but people are more willing to buy DFY solutions at a reasonable cost if they have a chance.
How can this principle be integrated into its own products and services?
This is the difference between creating teaching e-books and providing you with the "done" service.
This is the difference between telling someone how to get traffic and actually sending traffic to their website.
Learning to be a good writer is different from paying someone to write for you.
Understand this. . .
I'm not knocking on do-it-yourself.
I have sold several of these products myself.
But a lot of experience online tells me that most people looking for solutions would rather pay them to deliver them immediately than spend time and effort learning how to solve problems on their own.
Find out how to provide a simple, fast, automatic, no work solution or benefit in your segment, and you will get a bigger profit and sales success.
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